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2012 already!

Is this the year when you are going to stop repeat Urinary Infections? When I finally found that self help and prevention was the only way to overcome my repeat and terrible years of an attack every 2 weeks, I vowed that I would have to go a full 7 years without another bout to level up those years of suffering. Only when those years were up and I knew for sure that I had truly found the answers, did I know life was then going to be worth living!

I had reached a suicide day at one point when the 3 urethral operation was acknowledged to be a total failure. My marriage was a wreck, my health was in tatters and the regular attacks of pain, bleeding, and incontinence were sending me mad. I had my life-turning self help advice from a Urologist in Harley Street that dreadful day, when I walked round with 200 codeine in my hand all day. It’s all in my book preface and no-one has to go to that place of such personal sorrow any more.

In 2012, reading my book or booklets and watching my DVD will help make you well. Women find illness this so hard to accept. You all think it’s just down to a pill or a diet or some-such. It isn’t! Please get my book The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Cystitis, Sexual Cystitis or Interstitial Cystitis and make 2012 the year you get and stay well.

I wish you good health!