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Soaps, not Gels!

Different continents have different soaps, shower gels. The differences in the chemicals used and dyes and fragrances must vary all over the place. Transporting bars of soaps from China, say to UK, must cost as much as the products if not more. or vice versa; English soaps and shower/toiletry products are probably too expensive to transport...
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Dining at sea!

You couldn’t make it up! There on my cruise ship table was me with all my health interests and plenty of stories to tell when thought appropriate. Then there was Jill from America with her own business and also employed by the World Health Organisation. The other seven at table with us listened in rapt...
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I’m just starting the packing!!

Yes, so what to take for any health situations?! It always has to be personal, your own regular medicines plus. First up for extra consideration is the sort of country you are visiting , if travelling abroad, and what situations might come your way. If you are holidaying in your own country but staying away consideration...
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Thrush for years!

I've had Thrush for years and I cannot get rid of it. Its blighting my sex life as I'm always so sore. Can you help please? You and thousands of others, too! Unless the cause or causes  are discovered and dealt with, the misery and soreness will be always there. Of course, there are manifold...
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