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Karen’s Question

Dear Karen, you need my book as on my site. Its full of info including not to see urologists because, since cystitis is self caused, only you yourself can prevent it. Read up and especially work at the bottle washing and the middle section. Angela Kilmartin...
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No help until your wonderful book

Letters arrive all the time from all over the world. One came from a desperate woman in New York recently. She has of course, seen urologists, gynaecologists, been for X-rays, investigations galore, urodynamics, and so on. No results, nothing found to account for years now of urinary infections.

Well it can be...

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Testing for heavy metals particularly mercury

So another message comes in. This time from a concerned son for a mother in her late 'sixties who has several symptoms known, and probably many more unlinked, and relating to metals.

She has tremor of the hand, sinusitis, rhinitis, constipation, fatigue. Whenever I see a person with head movements, hand tremors and shaking...

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UTI’s and IC in Middle Age

These queries come in regularly:- " I have had IC for three years now and am also menopausal. I had an earlier book of your's and I follow the hygiene rigorously but the urologist and the gynaecologist and my GP can only offer me Elmiron or Rinatidine  installations. I can't bear the thought...

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