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So called, Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial means between the layers, cystitis in this sense means, of the bladder lining. So its a condition of the lining of the bladder. Now, my 'Patients Encyclopaedia' has a good section on this condition and I don't propose to go into it all just here. What I would like to cover a bit more...
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The Cold wind doth blow——!

It does blow! Its November and a week of driving rains and blowing winds bring on the inevitable query about what to wear when it blows if you are sensitive below. The first thing to consider is what not to wear. You do not wear nylon underwear in any shape or form since it blocks air...
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Oral sex dangers

Oral sex is dangerous, it can be very dangerous. It can lead to kidney damage. It can lead to cystitis, repeat UTI's, Candida and a lot more. How so? You swallow all and any bacteria and fungi and infectious material. Sleep around do you? Have sex in a car with a stranger you met in the bar? Have...
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