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Angela Kilmartin was born in Brentwood, Essex, UK, 1941 as Angela Mendham. She attended the Ursuline Convent there and commenced work in the world of fashion as an haute couture model. Following many appearances as lead in local operas and theatre, she won a multitude of awards and scholarships sending her to and maintaining her at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

In 1966 she married Paul Kilmartin and began disabling attacks of cystitis which eventually ended her promising career in opera. After seven years of trauma and no hope she was introduced to one small self help tip. From then on, in a rage because the self help had partially worked where all medical interventions had not, she researched other ways to help herself. Eventually by 1976 In 1971, Angela founded the famous U&I Club with magazines and membership of other sufferers and many doctors. From here she lectured regularly to patients groups and countless professional medical groups, counselled, wrote and campaigned for many leaflets with both government and drug companies. The U&I Club stopped in 1981. She has written eight books on Cystitis alone.

Alongside cystitis there was terrible Candida from all the antibiotics so her writings included this and finally in 1995 she was asked to write a complete bible on it. This also became renowned in the field and a best seller. An updated issue was published.

Following a distressing divorce after seven years on foreign postings in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Angela settled once again in London. In 1986 Angela became seriously ill. No tests or hospital stays could diagnose the problem. At one point M.E. was suggested. In bed most days or on the sofa, she looked and felt dreadful. Life as she had known it came to halt and one afternoon she nearly stopped breathing.



The turning point came with a chance meeting with Dr Jack Levenson. Two years later after another coincidence, Angela was diagnosed with mercury poisoning. Mercury amalgams were removed in 1994 and life resumed without any of the forty or so symptoms which had brought her so low.

Again in anger, she has turned her own experiences into help for the majority of citizens who are knowingly or unknowingly afflicted to a greater or lesser degree. For five years Angela ran ‘Patients Against Mercury Amalgams’ (PAMA) aiming to inform, educate and encourage patients and dentists to reject poisonous mercury amalgams as filling materials choosing only white composite fillings. It is this immense work that is now available to you here.

It seems that Angela Kilmartin is destined to take on majority problems affecting huge numbers of people. Cystitis has reduced in percentages at General Practice level by 50% since 1971. This coincides exactly with her work and indeed, nothing in medical practice can have brought about the dramatic drop since diagnosis and antibiotic are the same as the 1940′s.

Cystitis and IC are on the rise matching sexual behaviour and longevity so Angela’s vital knowledge in her books, booklets, and DVD have moved additionally into the modern digital and download world with enormous updates only possible in this electronic medium.

Angela also informs patients and their dentists about the dreadful hazards of mercury and dissimilar metals in the mouth. Root Canal Treatments are also long-term hazards for the general and oral health of everyone.


You will be amazed at all my knowledge. I am the original Campaigner and Researcher in my fields. You can now get well!

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