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Tights – its winter and I’ll bet you’ve got a pair on!

Candida and vaginal thrush love warmth and moisture. Just look around at the rotting, mouldy twigs blown about in wintry winds. They quickly cover with green fungi and proliferate, rotting down the wood. Candida is of the fungus family. If you get a sore bottom and itchy vagina around this time of...
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New Year’s sort-out

Now in a new home, it's time for me to reduce, remove and restore some order to the huge number of files I have on Mercury Poisoning. In 1995, when I had all my amalgams safely removed I only did so after 3 months of sitting in major London health and dental libraries scouring...
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2012 already!

Is this the year when you are going to stop repeat Urinary Infections? When I finally found that self help and prevention was the only way to overcome my repeat and terrible years of an attack every 2 weeks, I vowed that I would have to go a full 7 years without another bout...
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Mercury Poisoning

These days, the best anti-Mercury Dentists can run a quick patch test to see what white material any given patient can tolerate. The sensitivities caused by Mercury fillings affect people differently and its good to get a sensitivity test. We all know that no-one should ever have gold or glass ionomer replacement fillings once...
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