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Cold Weather

The cold weather is settling in, we will all need to find our winter hats, scarfs and gloves soon! Being cold can have repercussions in the way your kidneys behave. They become 'excited' by the stimulus of coldness. This does not happen when you become too hot, funnily enough. Being cold...
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Autumn / Fall

This a mouldy time of year; leaves are falling, moisture is rising from the ground, leaf and mould spores are flying on the wind and being trampled up into noses on walks through the park. You are going to breathe these spores in. Maybe the result will be a runny, stuffy nose, itchy...
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Excitement!!! My new eBooks are available!

So exciting!!! After many months of work, my new translations are now available, click on my homepage to buy my eBooks, with new easy to navigate with click-buttons. You can also download my eBooks straight to your mobile phone. Chinese, Russian and Spanish are now add to the English language versions, all...
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