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Bugs and Bottoms

This Spring I have been taking a slightly different angle on the above thrillers. I have toured the local waste recycling plant and learned a lot about the little bugs that assist in sewage recycling. And how the whole cycle from toilet to cleaned liquid and out again is achieved with 24 hour precision by watchful computers and men on site. Such waste disposal is the ‘bottom’ line in a town’s defence against epidemics that once wiped out whole locations. Hygienic waste disposal, paid for by every household in its water and sewerage bills, is our first line of health protection.

Then within our own four walls we have to take care of our own bodies with self-help. From my point of view on UTI’s, obesity, for instance, amongst much else, causes huge hygiene problems down below. It isn’t just diabetes and strokes which occur because of fatness and being overweight, its also the inability to reach the perinuem and anal area to wash off the trillions of bacteria that cause UTI’s. UTI’s are very common in anyone of any age who cannot reach to wash properly. Either in a shower or at a sink, never mind a bath, its just vital to soap carefully and rinse that germ-laden soapy liquid off fully. Just sitting still in the tub will not get germs off the anal area. You have to soap and rinse.

My wonderful Bottle Washing does the job completely when done properly as in my book with no personal ideas instituted instead! BUT even this cannot be done when someone’s too large to do the soaping from behind. You never do it from the front! Annd you rinse off from the front so that all the water runs BACKWARDS collecting the soapy, germ-containing liquid as it runs backwards and off you. And do not use medicated wipes down below, they just don’t reach every nook and cranny especially around and between piles.

Last week, as a District and a Town Councillor, I did a photo-shoot for a Health Roadshow and chalked up my wishes for any aims I still had for my life. Firstly I wrote in chalk that I would like to see cystitis in the elderly stop, then STD’s stopped. No way! The elderly get one bath a week and vast numbers of younger people have sex with whomsoever, at will, no thought for germs at all!

My six page e-booklet on UTI’s in the Elderly and Care Homes is full of bullet points on what to do and what not to do. My e-booklet on UTI’s in teens and adults does the same. But the big book, The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infections, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis is an absolute must for anyone at all suffering this plague. I wish with all my heart that I had never had to write it or my earlier works but I’ve been free of cystitis for 40 years now because of all the research and the strict but simple daily adherence to my own Bottle Washing . No costs-no effort.   Angela Kilmartin

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