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Candida Misery

Its not just systemic Candida or vaginal Thrush which creates itchy, smelly conditions.

I met a man at a London exhibition on IT last week who, upon looking at my site, then pointed to his nice shoes and asked me if I would know why he was wearing them. My reply naturally assumed toe fungus since we were into my Candida section. Right! He had got rid of all his trainers, even the ones with the aeration holes because his toes were just disgusting. His wife had had enough and he started at last to take this fungus seriously.

Yes, Candida, (gut, vaginal, blood) can be a serious infestation and will wreck relationships wherever it takes a (toe-hold!) My book: “Candida: Yeast” was the first major book with causes of it. Only sorting the cause(s) will make the fungus decline or go away entirely. Read up and learn more.