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Candida, Thrush, Fungal Infections

This is a large site. It is full of common sense on Candida, yeast infections, fungal infections and Vaginal Thrush. This website doesn’t hold back and it is patient-friendly.I know a vast amount about preventing Candida; prevention and understanding its causes are the ONLY way to get it under control and to stop it.My site pages are what you need on your computer at home, on your ipod or on your mobile to become well acquainted with my work as it relates to your suffering. Understanding Candida, yeast infections and Vaginal Thrush, why they start, how to stop them, how to prevent them is the name of the game. My pages show how easy and cheap this is, no products, no needles, no medications, no more trips to the ER or GUM clinics. Alternative professions fail to offer long-term removal of yeast, candidal, fungal or Thrush infections. Its all much simpler! Prevention is the key! My web pages will grab your attention.How to end the misery of Candida, Thrush and permanently banish Yeast Infections and fungal infections from Your Life. Do you know what your causes are? Angela’s book will show you.To purchase my USA paperback and worldwide e-book: ‘Candida Yeast’ please visit: ATLAS BOOKS
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“How to End Your Candida Suffering and Permanently Banish  Yeast Infections, fungal infections and thrush From Your Life”

  • Discover how to control an upsurge immediately
  • Find out how Angela (virtually single handedly) has banished systemic Candida, yeast infections, fungal infections & thrush from millions of lives – and can now save YOU from your Candida, too!
  • And finally understand why the doctors can’t cure you!!

Dear friend,

If you’re sick and tired of your Candida and Thrush because diets, drugs and ‘cook-books’ haven’t worked and you’re not sure what to do next, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.

In this letter, I’ll tell you a story that may solve your yeast-infection problems for good.

It’s about an English woman in the late 1960′s who suffered from constant UTI’s and Yeast Infections. She’d tried it all: waiting out UTI attacks and Candida upsurges, taking antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs and even undergoing surgery.

Nothing helped.

She was in the same position you are in, wondering…

“Who Can I Really Trust To Treat My Yeast Infections & Thrush?”

But after 7 years of doctors advice and continued suffering, she discovered self-help treatments and awareness that made headlines in the late 70′s and all throughout the 80′s and 90′s.

This woman stumbled onto (almost deceivingly) simple answers and treatments that…

  • Ease your discomfort quickly…
  • Diagnose your unique cause for Yeast Infections & Thrush (She found dozens of different causes, each with different treatments)…
  • Show how you can permanently banish Yeasts from your life

I know, unbelievable, right? But before she triumphed, she suffered.

This woman (her name is Angela) got her first UTI while on her honeymoon in Tunisia with the love of her life (her doctor called it “Bride’s disease”). After that first infection, she suffered from constant attacks every two weeks for the next 7 years.

She underwent examinations, antibiotic treatments, surgery, pessaries for thrush and deep depression. There was no help, no internet, no books – NOTHING.

Yeast infections and fungal infections were destroying her life. She had symptoms like:

  • Regular attacks of pain, frequency and bleeding
  • Too sore to have sex
  • Miserable labial and vaginal irritation
  • Severe intestinal gas and bloating
  • Feeling depressed and fearful about her constant attacks…
  • And much more

For her, the effects were devastating: her promising career as an opera singer was torn to pieces, her sex life was crippled and her marriage eventually shipwrecked under the pressure. She was at the end of her wits.

After 7 years of failed treatment, she was starting to become suicidal.

You see, like many women, antibiotics, anti-fungals and surgery weren’t working longterm for Angela. In fact, treatments were so generally ineffective that surgeries were packed with similar cases.

Back in the 1970’s, she had many meetings with the top specialists in the country on UTIs, Yeast Infections and fungal infections. One day a new Urologist changed her life. For the first time, instead of being put back on antibiotics, he advised her to make some changes to her lifestyle…  simple self-help advice that kept her “uti-free” for weeks and massively reduced her yeast infections.

She was stunned. It got her thinking…

“What Else Could I Do to Treat My Thrush, Yeast and Fungal Infections? How Much More Haven’t I Been Told?”

That appointment in 1971 was the start of her lifelong exploration of UTI and Yeast. Within a year, she learned enough to permanently cure herself of UTI’s, and wrote the first books ever published on Candida and UTI’s (also known as Cystitis / water / bladder/ urinary infections.) On this site you have access to e-booklets/e-books, paperbacks/DVD.

Then, from her own pocket, she founded the U&I Club, a charity foundation at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, dedicated to bringing this information to the public and to this day has worked without pay-checks.

She Met a Whirlwind of Demand!

By 1974, her UTI charity had over 10.000 members, and she was receiving 12.000 requests a week for her UTI and Candida leaflets.

Two years later, she made headlines with her startling discoveries about cystitis. And she began a publicity tour around the world to inform women of her findings.

  • In 1974, she made the World Record in “most response to a radio show”, by giving a talk on UTI and offering a pamphlet to the women of Ireland. The calls jammed the switchboard for an entire morning. (And today, her own TV show still holds a BBC viewer response record.)
  • In 1975, she wrote her first book on UTI in the USA, “Cystitis – The Complete Self-help guide”, which hit the New York Times non-fiction best sellers list.
  • Since then, she has written 9 books on UTI’s and Candida and her works were translated into Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Arabic.
  • She went on two coast-to-coast media tours including appearances on ‘Good Morning New York’, AM Chicago and did interviews and stories in The New York Times, Sunday Times, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post… and thousands of other publications.
  • Chinese,Russian,Spanish translations of her e-books are now online.

She literally changed the lives of millions…

…and thank you letters were coming in from around the world from thousands of women. As a loving mother and grandmother she is still campaigning on behalf of the world’s women.

And her methods can permanently free you from Yeast infections and Fungal infections, too, like her.

Angela has helped millions of women from around the world to permanently banish this completely unnecessary misery from their lives… and her methods can help you too!


Well, after 9 books and 30 years of campaigning, media publicity, lecturing to doctors and even running scientific tests shoulder to shoulder with medical experts, she has perfected her powerful self-help programs.

Common sense applied expertly is the answer and the lifeline you are looking for

It works for millions of women; join them, keep the faith and love Angela for her selfless 35 years of caring and campaigning!!

Self-Help – The Truth About ‘Other’ Treatments

The medical profession’s treatments, are just treatments.  They do not deal with prevention through identifying the cause of your Candida so it is predictable you will remain a Candida sufferer because of their ineptitude.

Alternative practitioner’s treatments cost a huge amount of money over time because many of their treatments are arranged as courses.  Furthermore, they do not deal with the true cause of your Thrush or Candida and as such they may advise you to keep coming for further treatments.

Alternative products, diets and supplements of all kinds treat the symptoms only and can be relied upon to keep you buying.  In my opinion they do not deal honestly or practically with the TRUE CAUSES of your condition.  Do you really want to keep paying for and keep taking products or supplements? Do you really want to stick to diets forever?  I wouldn’t dream of it.

To purchase my USA paperback and worldwide e-book: ‘Candida Yeast’ please visit: ATLAS BOOKS
TEL: 1800 247 6553

For UK paperbacks please visit: CENTRAL BOOKS
TEL: 0845 458 9911

By isolating the causes of your Candida and immediately dealing with them you will:

  • Ease your discomfort Immediately
  • Dramatically Decrease your chances of further upsurges
  • Decrease your tiredness and bloating
  • End rigid dieting
  • Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on wasted doctors appointments
  • Save on pointless alternative products and…
  • Control further upsurges.

All of this and more is available to you once you know:

  • The REAL reasons behind your upsurges
  • The Candida Upsurge Management Plan
  • The ‘Kilmartin Bottle Washing’ routine
  • Discover how fungus affects digestion
  • How Mercury teeth fillings cause Candida
  • The link between bowel problems and Candida
  • The Truth about rigid diets
  • How your partner could be responsible for your discomfort
  • Which groups of women are more vulnerable and why
  • Why little girls can get Candida/Thrush and how to prevent this
  • Discover where and HOW to get tested
  • The different groups of Candida, fungi and yeasts
  • How to use essential oils
  • Discover the clothes that cause Candida/Thrush
  • How jogging and swimming can cause Candida/Thrush and how to stop it
  • All you need to know about foreskin contamination
  • How your environment can cause your Candida/Thrush
  • Which bathroom products you must not use
  • Which toiletries you must not use
  • How to help disperse electricity in the body
  • Why your underwear could be harming you and the TRUTH about thongs
  • How severe illnesses cause Candida
  • And much, much more.

You never have to suffer from Candida/Thrush and Yeast Infections again!

Examine This Startling Proof And Judge For Yourself…

  • No.1 and most important, Angela becoming well herself and remaining so to this day
  • Writing a world renowned book on Candida and its causes
  • Making the first television program for live prime-time television and appearing on countless radio and television shows worldwide discussing UTI’s and Candida
  • Angela’s Candida book was the first book of its kind in the Great Britain and was a best seller
  • Since 1975 Angela has been lecturing regularly in hospitals to front-line doctors and nursing staff on the success of Self-Help routines in preventing attacks of Cystitis and Candida
  • Angela has been successfully counselling women on the causes and treatments of Candida for over 30 years and has helped millions of women back to health.
  • Angela’s 10-year campaign against Mercury Amalgam Teeth fillings has brought Mercury Poisoning into the Candida arena as a prime 24-hour a day cause of Candidiasis.

Angela’s work on Cystitis and Candida currently remains unchallenged today in content, methodology, professional credibility and most importantly, results.

“So What Do Doctors and Medical Experts Say?”

You know, Doctors can be some of the most hard headed and skeptical people on the planet when it comes to “outsiders” venturing into the medical world.

It took Angela years just to get a hearing from some of them. When she first started promoting her discoveries, she was met with disbelief, skepticism and even contempt that a woman like her was telling them about UTI.

But as time passed and her techniques were proven by thousands of women around the world, her work was eventually regarded as the bible on the subject… and she was in great demand as a medical lecturer. She was eventually embraced by the Medical Community after scientific research, and unburdening doctors from the enormous amount of UTI sufferers.

She’s now a proud member of the Royal Society of Medicine for her pioneering work in urology, The Guild of Healthwriters, The Medical Journalist’s Association.

Here’s what the medical profession now says about Angela Kilmartin:

‘Angela Kilmartin, at a time when many doctors saw this as a minor and trivial complaint, understood its serious impact on health and family. She has enthusiasm and powerful ways of communicating her strong message.
-Christine Hancock; former President, International Council of Nurses.

‘Angela Kilmartin has tirelessly campaigned for a different approach for the treatment of women with this debilitating condition, which I believe has lead her to become internationally recognized for her contributions in this field.’
– Mr P.J. R. Shah, FRCS; Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Urologist – London.

“Prescribe this (book) and you will certainly see less of your Candida patients in the future”
– Dr. David Delvin; Addressing doctors in his Medical Journal Column.

Angela Kilmartin uses logic, reason and research in her powerful information on chronic genito-urinary illness.’
– Dr Fred Lim; now rtd.,bacteriologist, Devonshire Place, London.

Angela Kilmartin is a dedicated woman wanting to help others with the problems of UTI and Candida. In this she has been successful, thanks to her hard work and proselytizing attitudes. She is a boon to womankind and I have met many patients who have benefited from her activities. She is well respected by the profession and much used by the public. Her value to the public and the world is enormous and she is, single handedly, responsible for the restoration to full health of thousands of women.
– Geoffrey Chamberlain, M.D. FRCS. FRCOG; Past President Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists London

Here’s How To Treat  Your Yeast Infection … TODAY:

  • Purchase USA paperback or worldwide E-book: “Candida Yeast” now from
  • or TEL:1800 247 6553
  • For UK: please click
  • or TEL: 0845 9911
  • Follow the Candida diagnosis plan
  • Identify and apply the specific treatment plan for your circumstances
  • Follow Angela’s recovery plans exactly as explained

Once again…

“If you have Candida, also known as Yeast Infections or Thrush, and you follow my recommendations to the letter, throughout treatment AND daily routines, then YOU CAN BECOME CANDIDA-FREE FOR LIFE.”

Everything you need is written down in simple, step-by-step instructions in my easy-to-read books. But you must read carefully.

For her internet customers Angela has put together an exciting and complete package to diagnose, treat and ensure no more infections blight your life.

I promise you, if you can follow simple, step-by-step instructions, you’ve got everything you need to end your Candida frustration once and for all.

Here’s How To End Your Candida Infections TODAY!

I am very anxious for you to try this and am still dedicated to spreading my message to as many people as possible.I want to make sure that all payments were completely secure. After all, this is the Internet – you’re right to be sceptical,

Both Central Books in the UK and Bookmasters in the USA are renowned in their industry. Bookmasters is the sole purchasing point for Angela’s electronic books and specialises in this for many other authors. They each have totally secure banking and payment facilities.

For 7 years, I suffered from constant Candida and UTI’s, just like you are now. At first, I hoped they’d go away. But they kept coming back until I was forced to find the solution you’ve just read about.

After finding it, I took my discoveries to the world… into women’s lives, then the press and finally into doctor’s offices, helping millions of people put an end to their misery. And now I want to do everything in my power to help you, too.

Get comfortable now if you are suffering vaginal thrush with irritatio, from the simple steps to limit Candidal overgrowth.

Understand this, though, there is no overnight miracle cure, but solid, simple prevention and recovery which will make you well.

Once you have begun to alter lifestyle, remove mercury teeth fillings, and much more recommended in my books, I’m confident that you’ll never want to part with such knowledge ( except to pass the word on!).

To your recovery,