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Candida / Yeast

Whenever there’s rain or mist or fog, there’s damp and moisture. Oh yes! that’s a good one, Angela! Of course there’s dampness and moisture. But within it are mould spores. These can precipitate asthma, shortness of breath, coughing and so on. These mould spores are unfailingly breathed in and add to the general body burden of moulds and fungi.

All animal and human bodies have fungi, they are simply just part of us. You can never hope to eradicate them but you can hope to confine them and limit their numbers.

If you live near a river, up a mountain, in a forest, you will carry far more fungi than do those of us living in towns, deserts, hot dry countries. Candida-compromised victims need to take note of where they live. Should a move to somewhere dryer be considered?