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The trouble with the weather!

The trouble with the weather is that it helps create illness. The weather can cause  Thrush, Candida, Cystitis and all sorts of infections. The weather can cause influenza, urinary infections, dehydration, sinus troubles, lung problems and so much more. Cold weather carries lots of difficulties, keep warm and hydrated, steer clear of crowds and snifflers! Why am I...
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Teenage cystitis can be common.

Teenage cystitis, like adult cystitis, is also known as UTI's, urinary tract infection, water infection or bladder infection. Teenage is a time when girls and boys won't be telling a mother that they are in pain when they go to the toilet. Mother knows best! I was 24 when my first attacks began and I never informed my mother...
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Central Books UK distributors

Central Books is on my website as being the UK distributor of my hard cover books. They have been so for many years but in 2016 decided to move premises to Chadwell Heath near Romford, Essex.

For a whole year they couldn't find my books, they were lost, and prospective purchasers were being told...

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Too many antibiotics?

Too many antibiotics? Until you know your cause or causes of recurrent cystitis /UTI's you will keep needing repeat antibiotics. Bladder infection cannot be fully flushed out either with my Three Hour management process or just drinking a lot of water. Can't be done.


Prevention, as in  my book The...

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