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Ordering my books.

This is a quick blog. Its for all those of you frustrated by the Central Books ordering e-mail address on my website. For UK and EU purchasers the order email changed, but was I told??? NO!! Very frustrating and very poor treatment by Central Books. However, to change distributors would be just as much trouble as sorting...
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The trouble with the weather!

The trouble with the weather is that it helps create illness. The weather can cause  Thrush, Candida, Cystitis and all sorts of infections. The weather can cause influenza, urinary infections, dehydration, sinus troubles, lung problems and so much more. Cold weather carries lots of difficulties, keep warm and hydrated, steer clear of crowds and snifflers! Why am I...
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Too many antibiotics?

Too many antibiotics? Until you know your cause or causes of recurrent cystitis /UTI's you will keep needing repeat antibiotics. Bladder infection cannot be fully flushed out either with my Three Hour management process or just drinking a lot of water. Can't be done.


Prevention, as in  my book The...

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Yeast infections! Get those jeans off !

Yeast infections?

Get those jeans off and those leggings and those trousers because they all remove cooling air from between your legs. Jeans, leggings, tights, trousers all help promote yeast infections, Thrush, Candida  and fungal infections.

What conditions do they like and need to thrive?

Yeasts thrive in warmth and moisture. Candida is a type of yeast and it has sub-strains. Vaginal and penile thrush are the same just differently known. They are still yeasts and Candida. They all need a warm genital area and they love menstrual blood as its rich in foods. Yeast, thrush, Candida, fungi love moisture so they can ‘swim’ around more easily with their miniscule, microscopic oars. Of course its all microscopic, our eyes can only see the creamy discharge not the individual fungus spore.

Symptoms of thrush / yeast infections / fungal infections /Candida?Book-Two

Redness, acute irritation, itchiness, scratching at it, creamy discharge which is smelly. Cystitis and bladder soreness is often involved. There can be a lot of wind especially in men who drink beer and alcohol. Its depressing to keep living like this.  Sex is out of the question, scratching won’t help at all because the infection will spread. Lichen Sclerosis of the labia is commonplace as a side issue. Its too sore to walk, you can’t swim, run or  jog. Life is altogether very depressing.  Jeans, leggings, tights, trousers encourage fungal scratching and breeding, with bladder soreness and frequency as well.

Some causes

Antibiotics are a famous cause, mercury debilitating your immune system is another but not so well known or appreciated. Diabetes, being just very ill, and most immune system disorders are there. Common causes that can be very simply prevented are foods.  Cheeses, vinegars, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, chocolates, sweets, or regular pastas. Drinking sodas full of sugars, alcohols of all sorts, colas, wines, liqueurs. Binge drinkers are full of yeast infections. Binge eating and drinking simply provide fungal infections with all their foods.

Getting hot and itchy

Then there’s the clothing. Boxer shorts for men and cotton panties or nothing for women are cooler and worn in all hot countries. Long garments. Yes long ones, not just for modesty which allow a nice swirl of cooling air around and up legs. Almost all my own holidays with my husband were ruined by itchy discharge from thrush infections. I wore sexy trousers a lot in those days but they made me unfit for any sexual activity. Fungi adore hot bodies, not cool ones. Get hot with trousers, leggings, jeans, tights and you’ll imprison thrush in a swamp of fetid heat and sweat. It’ll absolutely love it!

What to do to avoid fungal infections, vaginal thrush, Candida, yeast infections.

Simple enough! stop wearing jeans, leggings, tights, trousers. Stop binge eating of cheeses, alcohols, chocolates. Keep Diabetes in check, refuse mercury teeth fillings. Stay away from men with beer bellies. Lower the amount of pastas in your diet since they convert to basic sugars. And then read up on the many variations that are to be found in my book, “Candida/Yeast”. There are many!

Angela Kilmartin, June 2017