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Alcohol; an inflammatory bladder response.

Alcohol can cause an inflammatory response in the bladder. All bladders should be non-painful, non-inflamed and unremarkable as though non-existent. We know they are not always like that! A bladder is a sac or pouch that merely acts as a collecting bag for excess body liquids. These are no longer required to keep cells hydrated elsewhere in the body....
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Urinary Infections, Bladder infections, water infections

What are they? Urinary infections, bladder infections, water infections are one and the same thing. Canadian women for instance, tend to call the condition a water infection. Americans know it better as a UTI for Urinary Tract Infection, British women have long-called it plain cystitis. Cyst-itis is a Greek word meaning a pouch or bladder which...
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UTI’s in children can be caused by mothers!!

UTI's in children can be causeed by mothers!  You might not like this Blog headline but it's true. No child has any control over the way it lives, only its mother does. Last night's Embarrassing Bodies TV episode had a little girl with regular UTI's. She was frequently on antibiotics and out of class. The mother visited...
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Vaginal Thrush- preventing it.

Vaginal thrush and penile thrush are caused by fungal organisms. No use trying to get rid of them as they are part of our body make-up. Just like bacteria our body is the warm, moist breeding ground for continuation of these and multiple other species which inhabit us. We do have to control them otherwise there's...
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