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Category Archives: bladder infections

I.C. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patients who think they have IC may actually WANT to have it. Not for all these women the understanding of real ordinary bacterial infections or the ones caused by skin soreness and loss of hormones. Their doctors and urologists say they have IC so they believe they do because " the doctor says I do". And,...
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Bugs and Bottoms

This Spring I have been taking a slightly different angle on the above thrillers. I have toured the local waste recycling plant and learned a lot about the little bugs that assist in sewage recycling. And how the whole cycle from toilet to cleaned liquid and out again is achieved with 24 hour precision by...
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Returning to sex after a long break

What do I mean by a 'long break'? Any amount of time after six weeks maybe. The Koran tells that sexual activity should happen in marriages at least every six weeks. Its cause for divorce if not!   I learnt this from a Moslem woman on a plane out of Saudi many years ago and began...
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Cystitis is self-caused and self-prevented!

How many years have I been shouting this mantra? Over 45 and counting. Cystitis is always self-caused, mainly entirely unwittingly at its beginning, by the sufferer. The treatment for repeat cystitis/UTI is prevention. Treating one attack won't stop others from starting. Of course sensitive antibiotics are required for a named germ but is it named? Has it...
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