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Category Archives: Urinary Tract Infections

jaw infections

I had an e-mail this week, nothing to do with jaw pain, but the writer was saying how four lots of antibiotics had so far been needed for a bad jaw infection and the jaw was still very swollen and painful. Without asking him direct questions it is obvious to a dental anti-mercury campaigner like...
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bladder pain and ovarian involvement

This isn't complicated but explanation can take time. Suffice it to say that if you have polycystic ovaries, a cyst on an ovary or other ovarian conditions, there is a chance that the condition is causing a drippy discharge. On a 24 hour basis this discharge will eventually exit on the vulva and smudge around...
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Sexual infections

With HIV Aids again hitting the news because numbers of diagnoses have risen to over 60000 in UK alone, its time again to realise that sex causes illness. Whether its homosexual, lesbian or heterosexual sex, germs abound during the process of copulating. Awareness of these germs/bacteria, is all-important. Protection by some sort of physical barrier...
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Superstorm Sandy – a health hazard

Hurricane / superstorm Sandy is a terrible blow for millions of homeowners, jobs, businesses, travel and so much more. Months of agonising decisions and toil will be needed to fulfil basic needs and make necessary changes for improvements. Bad times do in fact offer possibilities to make changes and can be used to improve life....
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