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Category Archives: Urinary Tract Infections

The importance of bottle washing.

I often get messages from women announcing that they are 'doing the bottle washing' but still experience no cessation of attacks. In my long time with this I know very well that such women are absolutely NOT doing the bottle washing properly. One woman arrived for counselling recently. She was an intelligent woman but...
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USA Counselling offered

I shall be in Boston, Mass. from June 29th thru July 4th doing radio/TV and counselling. If you have had one of my relevant books for at least one month, practiced the main ideas and would still like to discuss some aspect of your own case, then please e-mail me for an appointment. I shall be staying...
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“Excited bladders”

Cold, and this year, intense cold, always acts like a diuretic. Hot weather acts in the opposite way, the bladder doesn't receive much urine from the kidneys because body cells are storing water to be excreted by skin during sweating. The reverse then is true in cold weather. Skin does not...
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2012 already!

Is this the year when you are going to stop repeat Urinary Infections? When I finally found that self help and prevention was the only way to overcome my repeat and terrible years of an attack every 2 weeks, I vowed that I would have to go a full 7 years without another bout...
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