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Urinary Catheters and anal germs, Bottle Washing is a ‘must’.

Urinary Catheters pick up germs. People who have to catheterise to expel urine get lots of urinary infections. The catheters may be, and are, sterile, but your bottom isn’t! The area between your legs known as the perineum is, in women, very open.

Where do these germs come from?

Germs from the anal / bowel opening travel along as you move.  Even sitting still and just crossing your legs will allow these germs to move about.

I was showing a dear friend of mine the other day how to do a Bottle Wash BEFORE she uses the urinary catheter. The catheter she produced was small, neat, fits in her handbag and is in a sterile pack but she gets reasonably regular cystitis / UTI’s and has no idea why. She has no idea of the germs, E. Coli mostly, that come out of her back passage / anal opening. these are the cause of her urinary infections.

What should be done before inserting the catheter?

A sterile catheter inserted into the bladder  is still harmful if it is taking in your own microscopic anal germs with it! It is very important to wash those off first. Medicated wipes can cause soreness and irritation on very sensitive skin and don’t really cleanse the area well enough. My Bottle Washing process costs nothing. read it point by point in my book properly as you do it for the first few times. Look at the check list over the next page for where people can go wrong and make sure you don’t get anything wrong when you start it.

Taking care with The Bottle Washing

One hundred women will wash their bottoms  in one hundred different ways. Don’t make your own variations; the Bottle washing is so well researched and practised that the words and phrases I use in the book The Patient’s Encyclopaedia’ are exactly correct and will clean your perineum properly freeing it from infection-causing anal bacteria. Only then should you catheterise if for any reason you  have to.

My friend was a victim of a medical accident and the nerve pathways all down her side are weak meaning muscle  movement is impaired. Bladder and bowels have to be ‘managed’. A misery for her.

How often should I Bottle Wash?

I Bottle Wash three or four times a day now that I’m older, since my own anal opening is not as tight as when I was younger. Leaking microscopic germs abound. But I never get urinary infections because I Bottle Wash properly, swiftly and efficiently. No different from washing your hands during the day.

I do counselling to help further if needed, in Witham, Essex and in London. The wonderful Bottle Washing will keep you free from urinary infections if you have to catheterise. The photo is of an Arab equivalent to my modern plastic 500 ml Bottle used for washing down below. Arabs in the desert with little water had to be efficient with it.

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