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Central Books UK distributors

Central Books is on my website as being the UK distributor of my hard cover books. They have been so for many years but in 2016 decided to move premises to Chadwell Heath near Romford, Essex.

For a whole year they couldn’t find my books, they were lost, and prospective purchasers were being told no copies remaining. They didn’t tell me! Purchasers were telling me !

Finally, I discovered what had happened and I have had to put in a reprint. This is now available, still from Central Books and as per my purchasing page on my website. It would have been a lot more work to alter the webpage, get tenders from other distributors, settle it all in and hope for the best. So the lesser of two evils was to stay with the existing distributors. I don’t think they have served me well !

Hard copies of my books are the better of the two formats I think. E-books are great if you live far away and rely on Amazon or my site rather than wait for hard covers to arrive. The illnesses I help are often urgent for patients suffering from them. Yet another attack of Cystitis or Candida is scary and frustrating. You need fast help in such instances and so an e-book can quickly, in minutes, be there for you. Hard covers are more convenient to pick up and check on something whereas e-books require the laptop or mobile to be turned on wasting precious minutes.

Now everything is back to normal and you can apply by phone to receive my books in UK  from Central Books or online from Amazon UK or my own web site. If you need a translation in Russian, Spanish, Chinese instead of English, these, too, are available from Amazon or my site.  On Amazon you can just enter my name, for instance, and all my works come up. Other than one spiteful comment, 50 or so others praise ‘The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infections, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis’ as being THE BIBLE on this horrible condition.

Amazon USA and worldwide also holds e-book and hard cover copies. I wanted to offer hope and ideas to all women as far as I possibly could and they do go worldwide. Don’t suffer, I have all the answers for you but you must read properly, slowly, thoughtfully and look in detail into your own lifestyle as you go through.

Angela Kilmartin, January 2018

200 pages of info.

200 pages of info.