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Christmas and New Year health

The medical clinics and surgeries are difficult to access at this time of the year. Of course, other than summer holidays, this time of the year is one of the worst for Urinary or Bladder Infections and Yeast Infections. Just when you need them, the doctors are not there.

So why do these conditions surge at this time? The main culprits are:

* tiredness
* alcohol
* sex

In each category lies a multitude of individual reasons for the pain, the itching, and the tiredness. Normally, your immune system works well, without you even knowing it. Tiredness can make your immune system sluggish, unable to fight off germs and fungi.

Alcohol makes you tired too. The main reason for it causing yeast infections is too much sugar is trying to get used up or absorbed, whilst acting as a banquet for yeasts which like a sugar-rich bloodstream.

Alcohol dehydrates your Kidneys, it dries out the Bladder so it starts to twinge making you sore and thinking you have an attack of Cystitis. The answer is stop sugars and to stop the alcohol intake. Drink water sensibly to counteract acidity and calm bladder nerve endings and do my “3 hour management process” in my book The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Cystitis, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis. But before you do, its as well to take a urine sample to a medical professional and get it tested, in case its germs, and not just dehydration.

Sex, with the increased alcohol intake, is a no-no for many women. Choose either alcohol and sandwich it with plenty of water, or, choose to have good safe sex without any repercussions 2 or 3 days after.

Partying, boozing, getting tired, having too much sex and not using enough self-help to prevent illnesses are sure ways for the sensitive woman to become ill, de-commissioned and fed-up over the holidays.

Let’s prevent this! Look after yourself and then enjoy everything. (Get him in the shower too!)

Wishing you a ‘Happy Christmas and a healthy 2012′.