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Cold weather can cause UTI’s

  • The Patient’s Encyclopaedia 2010 – Hard cover

Cold weather has always been a recognised cause of UTI’s.   UTI’s are also known in full as Urinary Tract Infections but can also be more simply; Urinary Tract INFLAMMATION!

In fact, cold weather is far more like to cause a urinary tract or bladder INFLAMMATION.


Cold stimulates kidneys to produce more urine. Urine passes down two ureters and into the bladder. This is also cold and is stimulated to get rid of the urine now collecting there.


The highly sensitive nerve endings in the bladder and in the sphincter valve that opens to allow urine out become very sensitised to the cold and to the urine. So you will want to pass a lot frequently.


Shortly, your kidneys won’t have enough water to function with. They have little liquid left to pass down into your bladder. This dries out and begins to twinge with the excessive level of Uric Acid crystals now lining its walls. Uric Acid is normally undetectable because of sensible water intake. But not now! You’ve passed more urine now than you’ve drunk!


Have a hot drink, some water too, a painkiller to calm nerve endings. Then you need to get warm and de-sensitise those upset kidney and bladder nerve endings.


Yes. If symptoms return then you need to check if this is really an infection and not just an induced inflammation. You need my Bottle Washing to keep the urethral opening clean and prevent anal bacteria travelling forwards to cause a bladder infection. Learn how to prevent this from happening.


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