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Cold Weather

The cold weather is settling in, we will all need to find our winter hats, scarfs and gloves soon! Being cold can have repercussions in the way your kidneys behave. They become ‘excited’ by the stimulus of coldness. This does not happen when you become too hot, funnily enough. Being cold will make the kidneys excrete more urine downards into the bladder. That will also be feeling cold and ‘irritated’ so the fine sensory nerve endings tell your brain that you need to pass urine and so you do once arriving in the bathroom. If you pass a lot of urine you will dehydrate unless you drink something warm to replace that loss. A warm drink will calm all the fine nerve endings and further, the bladder and urethra will not sting. Of course, you need to warm-up all over. Make sure you wear enough warm woollens; thin clothing in winter temperatures is asking for all sorts of troubles.