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Cystitis after sex?

Cystitis after sex?

Yes? You suffer cystitis after sex every time? That’s terrible. I had cystitis after sex for seven years and ended up holding 200 paracetamol all day. Nothing to live for, new marriage not happening. I got totally well after seven years, much research and the beloved Bottle Washing and so can you. Cystitis after sex is preventable.

 Cystitis after sex is caused by germs/bacteriaurine sampling

Ask always for a photocopy of your urine test result. Is it one of the bacteria named in my book? Look it up! The usual ones are all from your own bowels. No amount of antibiotics will stop these anal bacteria / germs from travelling and causing cystitis after sex. They ‘swim’ with ‘paddles’ and in female secretions they have a good pool. As you move they travel forwards. They love your urethral opening because its warm, wet and slightly acidic.urine sampling coliform

Vaginal bacteria / germs

Anal germs can also get into the vagina so always get a swab done to check. But mostly anal bacteria choose the urethral opening from where urine flows out. Like salmon, they can swim against the flow and will, if not stopped, enter the bladder itself where a bladder infection starts. Beyond that its the kidneys and then you’re in real trouble with high temperature and kidney scarring, lots of antibiotics and bed rest.

Cystitis after sex, what on earth can I do to stop it?

Cystitis after sex is entirely preventable.What do you see surgeons doing before any operation? They are washing their hands! So you will wash your bottom / perineum. Moslems do this very regularly every day and they get hardly any UTI’s. No D-Mannose or antibiotics or colloidal silver or expensive herbs.

How do I do that? I don’t want to keep undressing.

No, you don’t have to. You Bottle Wash properly as I show in the book. It costs nothing at all and there’s a way to do it even at work. I Bottle Wash my bottom after every bowel movement, before sex and at other times when necessary.

What is Bottle Washing?mizrabiyyat3

Cystitis after sex is simply prevented with plain white soap, a 500 ml plastic bottle of very warm tap-water, a flannel/wash cloth to pat dry with. Too much to pop down in a blog; the book has it all. Don’t do your own version of it, it won’t work, do it as I say and show. The pic shows an ancient Omani vessel to hold water for washing and then the modern version using a 500 ml plastic bottle to pour water cleanly from the front.

So now you know that you must prevent cystitis of all sorts and especially sexual cystitis. Cystitis after sex is so terrible that anything to stop it is welcome. Bottle Washing has stopped all my cystitis, sexual and otherwise.

Angela Kilmartin September 2018