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Cystitis is self-caused and self-prevented!

How many years have I been shouting this mantra? Over 45 and counting. Cystitis is always self-caused, mainly entirely unwittingly at its beginning, by the sufferer. The treatment for repeat cystitis/UTI is prevention.

Treating one attack won’t stop others from starting. Of course sensitive antibiotics are required for a named germ but is it named? Has it even been counted as a definite infection? Or, so typically, have you over- drunk liquids before taking the urine sample thereby making your urine  so dilute that the germs are few enough to be recognisable or too few to become a technical infection!! Get it now??  STRONG urine is required!

Negative or insignificant results can prove that you are not giving a strong urine sample. Read up much more on this in The Patients Encyclopaedia.

If you forget, for example, to wash before sex (and the partner,) too, or every night before bed, then your bowel germs of all sorts will keep on travelling and get pushed into the urethral opening during sex.  Now that includes foreplay, remember! Germs don’t know a finger from a cucumber from anything else! They will still get pushed in! Bottle Washing is paramount, taking a few seconds and costing nothing at all but giving you a fulfilling sex life in return for those few seconds. certainly worth it. And why should your sexual partner shower to go to the office but not shower before getting into bed with you?!

UTI’s are miserable lifelong. Haemorrhoids, childbirth scarring, thinning perineal skin all assist in ‘germ-travelling’ and ‘harbouring’. They require additional help as well as the Bottle Washing. Injections help the haemorrhoids, HRT boosts thinning skin, regular bottle washing, all these can play a big part in cystitis in older years. You can see much more on this in one of my E-booklets online but again the Patient’s Encyclopaedia gives huge amounts of information for these and many other types and causes. There are many more causes and lots of prevention tips. Please do not continue to suffer whatever age you are.

Angela Kilmartin