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Cystitis/Water/Bladder/Urinary Infections

On these pages are useful descriptions, testimonials, letters that will help you to decide to purchase my books and booklets. You need them in your house, on your ipod or on your mobile to become well acquainted with my work as it relates to your suffering.  Water / bladder /  urinary tract infections and cystitis are one and the same thing. You need to know why they start, how to stop them and how to prevent them. All the pages show how easy and cheap this is, no products, no needles, no medications, no more trips to the ER or the urologist, no more painful installations into the bladder, no more drugs. This is not homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal or longterm antibiotics- none of these work. Its all much simpler!

  • Discover how to ease urethral and bladder pain in just 30 minutes
  • Learn about a 3-hour “Attack Management Plan” that stops UTIs/water/bladder  infections and saves your kidneys
  • And find out how one woman (virtually single handedly) banished UTIs from millions of lives – and can save YOU from yours, too!
  • Discover the cause of TRUE Interstitial Cystitis(IC) and sexual cystitis
  • Understand that urologists don’t understand Interstitial Cystitis(IC) and sexual cystitis!
  • Understand that I DO understand IC and sexual cystitis!

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Dear friend,

Congratulations!! You have just found the leading source of information for the successful prevention and treatment of urinary infection / cystitis / water infections/bladder infections/ IC and sexual cystitis on the web.  IC is dealt with as a separate issue in my big book but all the other names are still for the same infection.

My name is Angela Kilmartin and if you are sick and tired of your urinary pain and fear, but you’re not sure what else to do, this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why.

For over 35 years I have been successfully treating women for UTIs all over the world. During that time I have perfected the only proven solution that liberates women from urinary tract, water and bladder infections for Life!!!

“Are you sure I can trust you?”

Yes I am but just so you know you can trust me why don’t I let some of the top professionals in the world convince you…

‘Angela Kilmartin has tirelessly campaigned for a different approach for the treatment of women with this debilitating condition, which I believe has lead her to become internationally recognized for her contributions in this field.’
Mr P.J. R. Shah, FRCS; Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Urologist – London.

“Prescribe this (book) and you will certainly see less of your cystitis patients in the future.”
Dr. David Delvin; Addressing doctors in his Medical Journal Column.

‘Angela Kilmartin uses logic, reason and research in her powerful information on chronic genito-urinary illness.’
– Dr Fred Lim;
Bacteriologist, Devonshire Place, London.

‘Angela Kilmartin is a dedicated woman wanting to help others with the problems of UTIs and Thrush. In this she has been successful, thanks to her hard work and proselytizing attitudes. She is a boon to womankind and I have met many patients who have benefited from her activities. She is well respected by the profession and much used by the public. Her value to the public and the world is enormous and she is, single handedly, responsible for the restoration to full health of thousands of women.’
– Geoffrey Chamberlain, M.D. FRCS. FRCOG;
Past President Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London.

You know, Doctors can be some of the most hard-headed and sceptical people on the planet when it comes to “outsiders” venturing into the medical world.

It took me years just to get a hearing from some of them. When I first started promoting my discoveries, I was met with disbelief, scepticism and even contempt that a woman like me was telling them about UTIs.

But as time passed and my techniques were proven by thousands of women around the world, my work became regarded as the bible on the subject… and I am in great demand as a medical lecturer. I was eventually embraced by the medical community after my success and the scientific research, and I have been unburdening doctors from enormous and continuing numbers of Urinary Tract Infection sufferers.

In 1982 I was made a proud member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London for my pioneering work in urology.

Now, you might be wondering…

“How did you get to be the world’s leading authority on Urinary Tract Infections?”

Well in the late 60’s I suffered from near constant Urinary Tract Infection attacks or Cystitis as it was known to me back then. After 7 hopeless years of suffering, I stumbled onto an (almost deceivingly) simple self-help emergency treatment that made headlines in the late 70′s and all throughout the 80′s and 90′s which…

  • Diminishes your painful UTI  attack in 5 steps (and in less than 30 minutes)
  • Diagnoses your unique cause for water /urinary infection attacks (I found dozens of different causes, each with different treatments)
  • And shows you proven steps you can take to permanently banish infections!

I know, unbelievable, right?

I got my first attack on honeymoon in Tunisia with the love of my life (my doctor called it “Bride’s disease”). After that first infection, I suffered from constant attacks every two weeks for the next 7 years. I underwent examinations, antibiotic treatments, surgery, pessaries for thrush and deep depression. There was no help, no internet, no books – NOTHING. These awful infections were destroying my life.

I had symptoms like:

  • A frequent, burning urge to urinate (but hardly being able to)
  • Headaches, backache and chilly fevers
  • Finding blood in urine
  • Not being able to have sex
  • Feeling depressed and fearful about my constant attacks…

Sound familiar?

After 7 years of failed treatments, I was starting to become suicidal.

“What Else Could I Do to Treat My Infections? How Much More Haven’t I Been Told?”

I wrote an angry letter to the Senior Consultant in the Urology Department at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, complaining about the lousy treatment and complete lack of information I had received.

His reply was chilling: he not only confirmed my complaints and ineffective treatments, but revealed that most doctors have no idea what to do about Urinary Tract Infections… and that I should come over and discuss it with him and his staff.

I did.

That appointment in 1971 was the start of my lifelong exploration of UTIs, water infections, cystitis, and later on, Interstitial Cystitis. Within a year, I learned enough to permanently cure myself of recurrent infections and I have now been Urinary Tract Infection ‘Free’ for the past 35 years.

Then, from my own pocket, I founded the U&I Club, a charity foundation at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, dedicated to bringing this information to the public.

I met a whirlwind of demand…

“Described as a ‘legend in the world of urology’” Sunday Times

“In the past decade she has wrenched discussion of woman’s most common vaginal complaints out of confinement to clinics and doctors offices” – Washington Post, 1981

“Frankness marks her every word”- Staten Island Advance

Angela’s TV appearance at AM Chicago

By 1974, my charity had over 10.000 members, and I was receiving 12.000 requests a week for my leaflets.

Two years later, I made headlines with my startling discoveries about self-help for preventing UTI’s. And I began a publicity tour around the world to inform women of my findings.

  • In 1974, I made the World Record in “most response to a radio show”, by giving a talk on Urinary Tract Infection and offering a pamphlet to the women of Ireland. The calls jammed the switchboard for an entire morning. (And today, my own TV show still holds another BBC viewer response record.)
  • In 1975, I wrote my first book on cystitis in the USA, “Cystitis — The Complete Self-help guide”, which hit the New York Times non-fiction best sellers list.
  • I have written 9 books on urinary tract infections and my works were translated into Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Arabic.
  • I went on two coast-to-coast media tours including appearances on “Good Morning New York”, AM Chicago and did interviews and stories in The New York Times, Sunday Times, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post…. and thousands of other publications.

I have literally changed the lives of millions…
…and thank you letters came and still come from around the world from thousands of women. Now, enough about me, let’s take care of you…

…What’s Happening In Your Body RIGHT Now, and What YOU Can Do About It…

What exactly is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

When you have a UTI/water infection, it means you have an infection somewhere between your bladder and your urethra. Most of the time, you’re infected by E. Coli or other bacteria from your own bowels.

E. coli is a common organism, which normally lives in your colon along with others… but it sometimes reaches the urinary tract. Once inside it can cause infections and inflammation. But perhaps you already know this.

80% of all cases are due to bowel bacteria like E. Coli… but Urinary Tract Infection can have other causes as well (In fact, there are dozens of different causes that most doctors neglect like polyps, a prolapsed uterus, hormone loss etc.)

When you’re infected, bacteria spreads upwards from the urethra into your bladder (the yellow organ) and then up each ureter into the kidneys. You can start bleeding, experience backaches and a feverish nausea.

This is dangerous and has to be controlled.

But most of all, you suffer from that burning sensation that makes you want to pass urine all the time: it can make you scream.

I have discovered and pioneered safe, medically recommended ways to immediately ease the pain, and protect your kidneys. But best of all, I have pin-pointed all the known causes of Urinary Tract Infection developing foolproof ways to help you prevent future infections…


My e-book, e-booklets and hard cover books are packed with them and you need to know about all this.

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“How Effective Are Your Methods?”

Well, you decide…

1. In just 5 steps and less than 30 minutes of my three hour Plan, you can ease your screaming pain
2. In the next 3 hours, the worst will be over and you’ll be on your feet again
3. And with a single ingredient you can safe guard your kidney’s and short-stop your attack.
Help diagnose the cause of it

Best of all, my foolproof “Urinary Tract Infection detective system” then lets you diagnose the true cause of your UTI/bladder/water Infection (there are dozens of different causes)… and permanently remove future infections from your life.

You never have to suffer from another Urinary Tract Infection again! Don’t think its all about dealing with just this one attack!

Here are some of the thousand things you will learn that have made my methods such a success.

I will teach you…

  • One thing you MUST do whenever you feel an attack coming on.
  • Why more pills, antibiotics and operations almost never work permanently – and how to take control and find the cause of your Urinary Tract Infection yourself with the help of my book.
  • How to stay on your feet and continue your work during an attack, by using a simple trick to instantly ease the pain.
  • A single habit in men’s hygiene that causes Urinary Tract Infection after intercourse – and how to prevent
  • How to starve your Urinary Tract Infection bacteria to death. (Hint: 3 ingredients in your diet are feeding these bacteria – drop them and they start to die off !)
  • The truth about infections from public toilet seats – and why you should NEVER “hover” over the seat. AND… my famous “Kilmartin Bottle Washing” technique (that I discovered in Nigeria in 1976) that completely ended Urinary Tract Infection for the rest of my life…

“Why Didn’t MY Doctor Tell Me About This?”

Well, here’s probably why…

Even after my 35-year campaign, a lot of doctors still don’t know about the simple self-help methods to treat and prevent recurrent Urinary Tract Infection properly. The reason why is that… most doctors have never received such training in Medical school for this common female problem. Actually, it’s not their job to teach you self-help!

It’s not that your doctor is “holding something back” – this information never even got to him in the first place.

FACT: Most doctors still prescribe continuous antibiotics failing to understand all the causes – or they will even recommend bladder surgery – without being aware of the better, smarter prevention alternative.

I underwent completely unnecessary surgery 3 times… and took countless antibiotics that made the problem became even worse because vaginal thrush added to the misery

You don’t need to go through the same! Not nowadays.

Want to hear a shocking statistic?

In 1971, 10% of all appointments in General Practice were for female Urinary Tract Infection – 10%!!! These rates lowered to 5% countrywide as my work became mainstream and publicized… and since 1971, my work has been recognised as contributing to lowering Urinary Tract Infection rates in General Practice by 50%!

Millions and millions of grateful women…

Enough with numbers and scientific studies… even more interesting are the successful experiences of women like yourself, who once suffered terribly but are now well as a result of my efforts.