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Dental Mercury Poisoning

Dental Mercury Poisoning

The pages on my site are full of information on mercury poisoning from dental fillings and other dental metals. I am up to date from my contacts in Europe and America where I often attend conferences and speak out against dental mercury. It is so dangerous that in 2013 all products and industries globally will by law have to stop using it. My web pages will convince you to get my Compilation and be utterly amazed that the dental associations continue to shove this muck in your teeth.

I strongly urge you to read these pages and put my Compilation in your home, on your mobile or IPod and consider whether you already have symptoms of mercury poisoning. My Compilation will show and teach you much that you just never knew:

  • How to get tested for mercury poisoning
  • How to recognise mercury poisoning symptoms
  • How to remove old mercury fillings safely
  • How to use safe, gentle chelation
  • How to recognise the effects of Root Canal Treatments on your health
  • How to recognise the high level cover-up
  • How to limit exposure to mercury
  • and much more
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Dear long-suffering friend,

I wish I knew your name because there are so many faceless sufferers… millions, but I just want to write to you personally. If you are sick and tired of your mystery illnesses, been everywhere, submitted to useless treatments and are still suffering, then this will be the most important letter you will ever receive.

Here’s why.

I am Angela Kilmartin, the world’s pioneering writer on Cystitis / UTI’s, Yeast Infections & Interstitial Cystitis with 12 books on the subjects to my credit. During my 35-year campaigning career I have spent the last 10 developing, researching and refining work on Mercury Poisoning and its related illnesses.

In the autumn of 1997 I began a voluntary organization called, ‘Patients Against Mercury Amalgams’, (PAMA). For five years I produced a quarterly newsletter to inform readers, to collate the ongoing material I was discovering through my research, to make as many people well as I could and ultimately to bring this appalling modern day medical cover-up to the attention of professionals and patients.

Mercury is the second most poisonous metal in the world.

So I have developed this website to give you, too, opportunities to get tested and commence a recovery program following safe amalgam removal. Download this book and the information can be given to any dentist in the world so that you can get well wherever you are in the world.

“How do I get this information?”

At this time there is only one way you can obtain this life-changing information

This electronic book comes by e-mail to you

‘The Mercury Fillings Compilation’ is an electronic book NOT a paper book.
This e-book is often updated.
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“How I began my research”

I am an English woman who in the mid 1980’s began to suffer from chronic fatigue, insomnia, frequency, period interruption, mood swings, concrete bowels, hair loss, brain fog and much more. My doctor had no idea what was wrong. I came close to being confined to a wheel-chair and spent 6 days out of 7 in bed for nine years.

Nothing helped and not one professional could offer an answer.

I was in a similar position to you, depressed, crying, weak and helpless. A series of incidents lead me to a talk one day on Candida and also mercury poisoning from teeth fillings. I didn’t believe it and wasted 2 further years in bed. Another incident brought me to Dr Jack Levenson, now deceased, who measured the electrical currents emanating from my teeth. They were off the dial and he was amazed I was still able to walk.

After three months doing my own research in the Wellcome Library in London I commenced 5 appointments for safe amalgam removal with Dr David Harvie-Austin. My first symptom stopped over night and in three months I was completely well with all symptoms disappearing.

I was livid!! Furious with the previous dentists who had saturated my mouth with mercury, gold and other dental metals. They had poisoned me and worked contrary to dental materials and toxicology text-books.

I began litigation and got to the door of the court when my barrister did a surprising u-turn. My expert witnesses and myself felt that greater powers had reached and influenced him to stop my excellent case.

Instead I concentrated on starting to inform and educate the millions of other victims of mercury poisoning through the media and my magazines.

I have appeared many times in the media, at lectures and recently testified before an FDA committee in Washington USA.

The story you have just been told is 100% true. I can tell you that my  work has helped millions of people from around the world to permanently reverse the effects of chronic illness from their lives… and my methods, based on all anti-mercury dental advice, can help you too!


Well, after 10+ years of campaigning, researching, speaking to doctors and dentists and even running scientific tests shoulder to shoulder with medical experts, I have  now condensed all my findings to ensure you can take informed action and get well.

I am elated to know that this excellent work online has helped to make this information available to you and people around the world.

The Only Solution…

Is to accept that everything medically has been tried so far, perhaps even for many years, without success. You are still suffering from a number of chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue, allergies, memory loss, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, loss of livelihood in many cases, extreme frustration and depression, this is to be expected.

So doctors can be wrong, right?

So now look to my work … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

‘The Mercury Fillings Compilation’ e-book can be your guide to returning back to full health.

How Effective Are My Methods?

Since I crossed the bridge connecting unknown, ongoing, chronic health issues to Mercury amalgams and root canals in my mouth, there has been a never-ending line of men and women responding to my newsletters, getting treated and getting well. This is no coincidence.

Now on the  web, with  ‘The Mercury Fillings Compilation’ e-book in front of them, even larger numbers of people are getting well. This is certainly no coincidence.

My work, based always on anti-mercury dental science, is effective for anyone with mercury in their mouths and you can only try them for yourself.

If you have mercury, and you and your dentist follow my methods to the letter throughout treatment AND the vital recovery phase then your health will immeasurably improve.

Here are some of the things you will learn from ‘The Mercury Fillings Compilation’ E-book.

I teach…

  • How to find out The Full Effects of your mercury-poisoning
  • How to get tested for mercury-poisoning
  • How to Ensure your dentist is up-to-date
  • How to test for root canal BACTERIA and TOXINS
  • How to find the BEST PRACTITIONERS for safe filling removal
  • How and Why you MUST prepare CORRECTLY for safe filling removal
  • How to MAXIMIZE the benefits of your healing process
  • How to return to your natural health, energy and vitality!!
  • The effects of other dental metals to your body
  • Why your Doctor has not solved your health problems and never will
  • Why blood-testing laboratories are letting you down
  • Why self-help is vital during the recovery phase
  • How to stop mercury from poisoning you
  • And much more.

Will this work for you too?

Scientific Research Supports Angela’s Findings:

During the course of Angela’s research she has come to know many of the thousands of papers indicating mercury as a hazard to human health. At no time has she come across a science paper that concludes that mercury is safe in the body. The reason for this is because one does not exist

Below are three short quotes from Studies. They show how long 20th & 21st Century dentists have known of the hazards of their work upon the human body.

Electrochemical changes occurred in the mouth when gold was added as new fillings or as caps and crowns to a mouthful of existing mercury amalgams. Early and continuing signs of changes showed as a metallic taste, an increase in saliva excretion, burning/tingling in the mouth, occasional nerve shock and pulp sensitivity, oral discomfort, irritability and indigestion, radiating neuralgic pain, sensory nerve disturbance and mucous lesions.

The Study concluded that; galvanic currents do flow in the mouth between dental metals and disturb the mucosal lining of the mouth and throat; when such metallic dental work is removed, the currents stop flowing and oral symptoms disappear; analyses of tissue removed from sore oral areas (lesions) show an excess of metals.

Lain E. & Schriever W. Chicago Dental Society. Feb 1940.

Over 600 teeth were used for statistical analyses for the signs of metallic discolouration showing movement of one metal to another.

The majority of teeth examined in this Study show that corrosion and movement of mercury amalgam has occurred despite cement liners. Statistics were the same for those teeth used as comparisons that had not had cement linings. Corrosion and leakage of mercury inside teeth and around the mouth is greater when a dissimilar nobler metal is added to the mouth. If dissimilar metals touch, the electrical voltage increases and health may decline.

Sourced: Mateer R.. &  Reitz C. Journal of Dental Research 1971.

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) in New Jersey, USA, has put out a 19 page review of literature which heavily links this complex problem with mercury; mercury both from environmental catastrophes like the Minnemata outbreak in Japan, and from the Thimerosal preservative in vaccines of which 49% is methylmercury, to mercury fillings in maternal teeth causing chronic poisoning of the foetus and breast milk.

Autistics are also likely to have asthma, allergies and autoimmune diseases. With genetic predispositions autistics can have a low capacity to oxidise sulphur compounds; impaired cellular functions; inability to detoxify heavy metals; disruption of purine and pyrimidine metabolism; inhibition of enzymes in glutathione metabolism; lack interleukin-2 receptors and in general have damaged protein and enzyme pathways.

The Report recommends that Thimerosal be instantly removed from vaccines pending further research into Hg toxicity.

Sourced: ‘Autism- a novel form of mercury poisoning.’   Autism Research Institute. USA.

Why Didn’t My Doctor or Dentist Tell Me About This? 

Well, here’s probably why…It’s not that doctors are necessarily “holding something back”; Mercury Poisoning is not taught in medical school.

However, your dentist certainly does know that Mercury can cause problems, yet he still puts it in because the Dental Associations are politically driven to use ‘cheap’ mercury.

But modern cutting-edge scientific knowledge supports and encourages a ‘full stop’ on the use of mercury in the mouth.

FACT: The Mercury Fillings Compilation E-Book will help you discover for yourself what your doctors and dentists are holding back from you. Click below to buynow and download into your own home:

Mind blowing up-to-date information in Angela Kilmartin’s e-book has helped millions of people discover the reason for their ongoing ill health.

Here’s How To Get Informed And Get Well… from TODAY.

  • Purchase The Mercury Fillings Compilation e-book now
  • Identify all your symptoms from the hundreds listed
  • Discover the Vital “Safe-Removal Plan” detailed in the book
  • Follow the proven chelation plans for best recovery
  • Be inspired by the testimonies of recovered victims
  • Understand that excess electrical appliances add to the problems
  • Understand that computers, portable base telephones, mobiles amd masts, wi-fi, all bombard your natural body electricity.

Once again…

If you have metal in your mouth you are poisoned; mercury and other dental metals are poisonous!! Follow my methods to the letter, throughout safe-removal AND the vital recovery phase, and your life will improve beyond recognition.

Everything you need is written down in simple, step-by-step instructions in my easy-to-read book. But you must read carefully.

You will need my e-book to support you and counteract out-dated dental opinion;

I promise you the information contained in my book in electronic format is nowhere else on the web and never will be. Never before has there been such a comprehensive and compassionate solution for people all over the world with Mercury in their mouths.

I am very anxious for you to try this, as I like hearing of resounding successes. I am always dedicated to spreading my message to as many people as possible.

I do ask you to give my product good healing and recovery time… this can be quick or several weeks, because once you have, I am confident that you will be delighted with the quality of the material you are purchasing.

I myself took three months for immediate symptoms to go and then a year or so of continuing chelation to counteract actual damage done by mercury ingress into bones and tissues.

After ten years I repeated my stool tests and my levels of daily mercury were reduced by 98%!

Please remember, this e-book is a digital product, so you can start using this e-mailed information after purchase… even if it’s 2 AM at night.)

Begin your journey back to health…

This electronic book comes on your e-mail straight after purchase for you to download!

Get instant access for relief!

Note: This is not a hard-cover book.

Reverse your mercury poisoning from today – we hope to see your success story on this site, too!

To your good health,

P.s.,  Remember, the sooner you make the decision to read ‘The Mercury Fillings Compilation’ the faster will be your full recovery.

P.p.s. The word is spreading on my information to make victims well – do not delay

P.p.p.s,  Please write and tell me how you get on.

You have nothing to lose and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain.

To read a number of testimonials from men and women all over the world who I have helped, please click HERE.