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Dental Mercury Safe Recovery After Removal

My Mercury Poisoning Compilation as an eBook here, not only has the vital safe removal protocol to show your Dentist and to let you know what should be being done but it also has safe, slow correct chelation programmes to follow.

A splendid wheelchair-bound woman I know on email and in person had her fillings removed in 1990. She was given no chelation or supplement advice even by the informed Dentist who did the removal.

She is now badly osteoporotic with several bones fracturing or breaking. Mercury pulls Calcium out from all your bones.  Calcium replacement is required and uptaken in conjunction with Magnesium and zinc. This woman never knew it and has taken no such supplement.

I have suggested she goes immediately for mineral blood level testing and starts on doses of CalMagZinc. It may be too late since her bones are breaking now but its worth the try.

I have been on CalMagZinc since before my fillings were removed because of bad leg cramping. I stopped 2 weeks ago to see what happened and sure enought the legs were cramping on about the 10th day. I am back on the magic and the cramping has stopped.

Both men and women will find my Mercury Compilation irresistable; it is a 5 year documentation of the magazine I published in the late 90’s and all the members just loved the information. On my site it is only available as an eBook in order to go worldwide. It will astound you!