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Dining at sea!

You couldn’t make it up! There on my cruise ship table was me with all my health interests and plenty of stories to tell when thought appropriate. Then there was Jill from America with her own business and also employed by the World Health Organisation. The other seven at table with us listened in rapt amusement and amazement at our ranging conversations. Jill’s business is sewage disposal and treatment, yes folks! you saw it here. Bowels and contents, bladders and contents.

Sewage, Coliforms, UTI’s, hygiene, human waste disposal, drain-clearance, toxic metals waste-disposal and then guess what! She shows on her mobile, pictures of her in white overalls going in with staff to clear up a mercury spill! You couldn’t dream it up! Me and her, total strangers before, now by sheer chance on the same dining table in the middle of the Atlantic ocean discussing very freely our joint interests in bowels, UTI’s, mercury poisoning, excretion processes, hygiene, mercury dangers and mercury toxicity. Then we are into prevention of illnesses rather than one-way treatments. The other guests were riveted, so were we!

Bowel and bladder-bonding it certainly was!

Angela Kilmartin