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Drink sufficient liquid to prevent cystitis

Drink sufficient liquid

to prevent cystitis is completely obvious. Sufficient, though, not excessive! Sufficient liquid helps keep cystitis, urinary tract infections and kidney infections flushed through and out. Its a normal amount satisfying kidneys and bladder health. But travelling bacteria from the anus need regular washing off; after any bowel action, before sex, after swimming.

So what is excessive?

More than three pints a day. Three pints are 16 fluid ounces x 3= 48.

This a normal daily intake under normal temperatures and no infections.

If you have started cystitis then you need to follow my Three Hour Management procedure as in my books. Its timed to three hours only and tails off after that. A half pint of water every twenty minutes for more than three hours will throw your electrolytes temporarily and may cause dizziness. So follow the instructions properly.

A new scientific finding!!

A science Paper has just published this advice about drinking more water. Everybody’s hanging on it. How idiotic is this. Its been common knowledge since before the writer was born! According to the weather and your activities so water drinking will need adjusting, won’t it?

What sort of temperatures?

Hot ones, cold ones, dry ones mainly. If you are hot you store water in cells; if you are cold then cells shrink and expel water as urine. Try putting your feet up and feeling cold, you will start wanting the toilet after half an hour! This urinary expulsion will dry your kidneys out unless you keep up a matching liquid intake.Blunts Hall Drive bedroom view

Perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough?

Your day should start ideally with a full glass of water before any food.

Every couple or three hours another glass, say 4 fluid ounces. Including and up to a 1-00pm lunchtime you should have had a full pint/16 fluid ounces. And so on through to dinner. I had a patient in the other day who for two hours didn’t even sip the glass I had placed before her. I’d kept my own glass emptying and mentioned this to her. She did need to drink more because she wasn’t drinking anyway!

Care Homes.

These places give out minimum amounts and the elderly have often forgotten they need a drink. UTI’s are common in this scenario.

The Science then.

Drinking water regularly in levels accounting for the weather, activities and infections does need to happen. About 16 fluid ounces a day is ‘normal’ but must be variable as needed.

Angela Kilmartin, October 2018