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“Excited bladders”

Cold, and this year, intense cold, always acts like a diuretic. Hot weather acts in the opposite way, the bladder doesn’t receive much urine from the kidneys because body cells are storing water to be excreted by skin during sweating. The reverse then is true in cold weather. Skin does not hold cellular water for excreting it when you are cold because your kidneys are very busy receiving liquids and sending them on down the ureters into the bladder. Furthermore, all urinary system nerve endings are stimulated by cold and so you want to pass more urine. Maybe there are increased toilet visits and not so much urine. Not to worry, this is absolutely normal. Don’t hold it, get to a loo and then get to the kitchen to replace this lost liquid. You do have to keep warm replacement liquids going in at regular intervals in freezing temperatures or kidneys and bladder will dry out and make you think you have a stinging UTI, when you don’t.