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I.C. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patients who think they have IC may actually WANT to have it. Not for all these women the understanding of real ordinary bacterial infections or the ones caused by skin soreness and loss of hormones. Their doctors and urologists say they have IC so they believe they do because ” the doctor says I do”. And, often, because for some reason they are fixated on it and want people to recognise their miserable and ‘severe’ illness. There are billions being made by the medical and drug fraternities on such women. The IC groups are in a permanent government gift zone with thousands of jobs in the ‘industry’.

Interstitial simply means between the layers. Cystitis simply means infection and or inflammation between the layers. It is not some massive disease like cancer or osteoporosis. The name is merely indicative of something going on between the layers of the bladder mucosal lining, that’s all.

The cause or causes still have to be found.

Loss of hormones in the menopause or after a hysterectomy can be easily replaced with one of many such medications on offer. Oral tablets, local creams are all available to suit the individual woman. At 75 now I take two months at a time of the lowest oestrogen oral tablet; I don’t take it all the time. It keeps me very comfortable in many ways and for about eight months. I do not get any cystitis at all and haven’t for over forty years because I look after myself with simple prevention routines.

This lack of hormones has often been referred to as a form of IC in the past. Its treatable. Don’t suffer and don’t accept it as a dire illness called IC when it isn’t.

Myco-ureaplasmas of many kinds are impossible to find in an ordinary lab because the bench for testing it is very expensive. This shouldn’t be so. Mycos are sexually transmittable, read up in my book, and read with thought, don’t just skim it. Any lab with the correct procedures would be making a fortune from private testing for these bugs as they are now so prevalent. Sex is a massively easy transmitting thing to do to get this bacterium. And people have sex with anyone around nowdays.

If it goes for months and years being undiscovered then of course the bug is going to burrow more deeply. But of the many, many patients I have seen with so-called IC, it hasn’t been; the woman just hasn’t wanted to learn and use proper effective daily prevention for ordinary cystitis. This makes me mad. You want to be ill for your own reasons? Then be ill. If you don’t want to be ill and make doctors very rich then eliminate all the usual causes first. Turn to the Mycoplasmas as a last resort.

Read my IC section and consider it well. The Patients Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis.