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I’m just starting the packing!!

Yes, so what to take for any health situations?!

It always has to be personal, your own regular medicines plus. First up for extra consideration is the sort of country you are visiting , if travelling abroad, and what situations might come your way. If you are holidaying in your own country but staying away consideration has to be given for whether its an isolated place or in town, near a pharmacy or not.

Because of my ear problems I never travel without a course of antibiotics and especially when in America where private health can take hours of time to organise.

In my days of repeat UTI’s before I ever began to take control with prevention procedures and when loads of antibiotics taken would be giving me Candida, too, every single break or holiday was ruined. I have no memories of a happy sexual holiday with my husband, none. Even once prevention had started in my life, it was not as now. Now, I know exactly what I need to do in all places and regularly; whichever destination or type of holiday.

I never miss; my very simple prevention routines mean the same as flossing and cleaning my teeth. I do it, I get on with it and it takes a minute only. As a result I have no UTI’s ever; they are a thing of the past, dealt with, understood and simply prevented.

The mercury teeth fillings have been out since 1998 and I look far younger than I am, with a fine energy level and many admirers for it. The Candida has completely disappeared of course, without that horrendous dental mercury straining the immune system past its limits. Antibiotics have to happen for the bad ear occasionally but again I am up with prevention to keep the inflammatory processes at bay.

So I am packing for America, antibiotics, sulphur soap to keep the Rosacea at bay, antibiotic cream which you can buy in all US pharmacies, Listerine antiseptic for cuts and gargling, Paracetamol, Cloratidine for day-long allergy relief, immodium (in case), senokot (in case), Anusol (in case), Cal/Mag/Zinc tablets for bones and collagen.

I will be eating melon and avocado to help regulate bowels from lots of sitting down, I will be avoiding rice and eggs for the same reaons and meat which all tend to slow peristalsis in the intestines. I will follow a completely varied diet to avoid too much of any foods that I know congest my sinuses.

I will have my 500 ml empty bottle to do the Bottle Washing morning and night and after bowel activity to prevent E. Coli travelling forwards and I stick a toothbrush in it or hide it to stop maids throwing it when cleaning the bathroom!

I won’t be packing jeans; I don’t own any and never have as they are the unhealthiest garments ever made causing lots of genital bruising and inflammation in women. Then the absence of airflow will also cause Thrush. Leave them off ladies!Stay well.

Read my great book for the holiday do’s and don’ts, there are lots of tips on how to stay well.