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Autumn moulds and allergic responses

Autumn  moulds carrying allergic responses multiply enormously given the increased food source of dead and dying materials at this time of year.

Death registration.
Old and sick people in this process have increased Candidal illness. Candida, a fungus, overgrows and is frequently found on death certificates.

Autumn leaves and moulds

Trees that lose their autumn leaves are surrounded by swarming fungal mould spores. Fungal spores gorge on dying autumn leaves as an additional energy source so if you walk through a forest or a field in Autumn, you take a walk through invisible clouds of fungi.

Autumn moulds

Mould infiltrationSofia sweeping leaves 2012

Candidal mould spores cling to every part of you. Clothing, hair, skin, mouth, eyes, shoes, everywhere.
Candidal and other types of moulds cause sneezing, ear infections,  eye irritation, sore throats from inhaling, lung congestion, asthma, headaches and much more. Your bladder is the main receptacle for expulsion of mould spores. It may irritate and require more emptying. Not everyone is hyper -sensitive of course but many are. It pays to be aware.

The best thing to do is avoid forests of course, but nowhere escapes. Showering last thing with hair washed clear of moulds is a good way to keep them from pillows. Lying all night in moulds creates 24 hour exposure and 24 hour misery to many.


My book, “Candida/yeast”, is full of causes of Candida and Thrush wherever they lodge in the body. With the causes come the ideas to lower the levels of them. A huge one is cystitis caused by thrush. Why! The reverse happens, too; Cystitis can cause thrush from all the antibiotics.

Moulds as Invaders

Thrush / Candida is an invader. It is opportunistic, constantly seeking ways to over -run you. In my book I point these out. “Candida/Yeast” is about fungi and its ability to make you ill but such spores are residents with us always. Small levels are normal but autumnal leaf levels are too high and will cause reactions in many people.