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In response to requests for short, authorative answers to questions on any of my 3 subjects (Urinary Tract Infections, Candida and Mercury Poisoning), we have set this page up for you. This is not for counselling purposes because I never do that online but it can be for generalised queries for which you need a brief answer.

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Yes, a good time to come for counselling. The pelvic tilt is very easy, just think from your skull down your backbone and then plop it downwards so that gravity then carries the bottle washing water away at that point. It cannot run forward. However maybe counselling would be helpful to you personally to be quite certain.
Angela Kilmartin

Q?Jackie’s Question

Plain lubrication won’t help, Jackie,
Its local HRT creams or tablets that replace the lost and lowering hormones which will prove the effective answer. The Vagifem is one such product and you need to monitor how often you personally need to use. probably more regularly at first for a month or so and then every so often. But not necessarily; it may be needed once a week for some years. or all time. Its highly individual. However you still need, like all of us, to keep the levels of bacteria down and out!

Q?Jill’s Question

Dear Jill,
in my book I give my suggested treatment and drug. This is because of women without financial resources or testing resources. By taking the drug you do two things;
1 You would get well if the myco was indeed the cause
2 If you didn’t get well then Myco can be discounted as a cause.
But in any case the recovery plan in my book is still very vital and must be followed.
Online pharmacies can help you get sufficient drug for the recommended course. No need for involving docotrs. This is of course all at your own decisions.


I am unaware that a home test exists for Mycoureaplasma. I cannot think that it does, or if you are right, then I cannot think it to be a true result. With having different sexual partners infections are ever present. Use a condom from the very start, not just for contraception halfway through.


Its more likely to be linked to lowering hormones since you say you are menopausal. HRT re-places those lost hormone levels and prevents thinning skin all over you including the vulval area. This helps , as well as the superb bottle washing of course, to minimise bacterial travel from the anus forwards. As for the gels, you are now probably talking slight allergic reactions to the ever changing ingredients. But again they may be worse because hormone levels are now lowered. Lastly, I suggest after the full bottle wash you clean out the vagina as you would for after sex and maybe include a CAP full only of Betadine into that bottle wash(ask the pharmacist) solution to clear off any vaginosis. Again HRT would help counter this now.


you do have to get The Patients Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection either from my site or Amazon. You are not understanding all sorts of things and my book with its three sections (START at its beginning and go through to the end of the IC ) will give you a huge amount of information. You clearly need to know a very great deal about why you have had ‘ordinary’ infections all these years and why you should not have had them, and then you need to know about the one that cause IC. Most of the women who think they have IC just don’t. In any case you now have to learn how to prevent the ‘ordinary’ infections or you will end up needing all sorts of dire surgery. Now start taking proper control. Read up.

Q?Kitten’s Question

Kitten, if you are clear of symptoms after antibiotics and in betwen sexual encounters then it is most definately sex causing it.
Read the Sexual Cystitis section of my huge book more carefully. Ensure the man is fully showering before sex, ( even the Koran tells men to do this and women to wash, too) and you doing a full Bottle Wash half an hour or so before ANY sexual involvement.
There is so much to check out happening between a couple during sex. The slightest things can allow bacteria to reach and enter the urethral opening. It probably needs to be a counselling Qand A session.

Q?Natalie Question

Cautherising/diathermy/burning off of infected cells, as you can now tell, is not an answer. The Trigone sits at the base of the bladder so it is therefore exposed all the time to urine. Urine sits there because of gravity bringing it to the lowest point after leaving kidneys. As more urine comes down, the Trigone and the bladder itself can’t bear the weight and so nerves in the sphincter valve holding urine in then express a need to let it out. So you need to go to the loo and let it out. If that trigonal area becomes inflamed and infected it will cause much pain.
Clearly killing the responsible bacteria is the first essential. Second is to stop more of them gathering there. These new ones can come from outside where poor hygiene allows them in, and from inside if they are being ingested in some way, oral sex being one such possibility.
In any case STRONG urine samples are absolutely vital. DO NOT drink for some hours before taking a sample, it will only be diluted otherwise and bacteria difficult to find. The urine that has sat the longest on the Trigone should contain the most amount of bacteria so give your sample as a First Flow not the MSU- Middle Stream Urine. Never mind what the urologist says– they are frequently very ignorant on these matters.
Several courses of the correct/Sensitive antibiotic may be needed; if necessary buy them online should the doctor refuse any more. You could need three or four courses to beat the reproduction of what must be a properly named bacterium AND AND AND you must stop new ones entering!!!!!!!
See my book everyone reading this and start the brilliant preventive Bottle Washing correctly from today on forEVER!!


I hope the boyfriend has been tested for Mycoureaplasma and much else? And I hope you give strong urine samples to detect bacteria, so no drinking for several hours before the tests. My book has all this sort of information and lots more to take on board. Because until the cause/s are discovered, dealt with, and new sexual rules put in place this horror will continue. Read my book very carefully and the boyfriend must do so, too. Those causes are coming from him and from you somehow, somewhere.

Q?UTI’s Question

Depends how you orchestrated the tests doesn’t it? Sample has to be strong—no prior drinking for at least three hours in order for the lab to have enough germs to call a UTI and name them. Bowel germs are the main cause as you can read from my book. UTI’s are self-caused and therefore self-prevented. You could do with some counselling to check it all out. Only Q’s and A’s, no examining and no prescribing but i do put down a list of things to alter. Prevention is the only way. You’re not there yet. Where do you live?

Q?Maureen’s Question

I am sorry this is happening and you appear to have a new cause, maybe more than one. Am suggesting a Q/A session with me since several queries spring to mind.