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Re-thinking Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis has long been in medical literature, forty or more years. Re-thinking it , adding to its causes, adding to its treatments is a sad priority now because so many doctors will fall upon it as an excuse to see the patient out of the surgery quickly. Interstitial Cystitis first came into medical literature when so many women in the menopause or after hysterectomies started to suffer from bladder infections.

How are your hormones?

Eventually gynaecologists in the 1960’s came to find out through the work of Professor John Studd that Interstitial Cystitis sufferers did well on Hormone Replacement Therapy and I used to send my own counselling patients in this category to him for investigation and prescriptions to suit. HRT helped to counter a range of hormone deprivation symptoms including Interstitial cystitis . Hormone treatments were in early production then but have undergone major technical alterations in dosages and kinds since then. Mild hormone treatments are now widely available and we have a more balanced outlook on this treatment. I still recommend women over 55yrs to have all this checked out and a three month course of an appropriate HRT tried and monitored.

How is your perineal skin?

All skin becomes wrinkled as we age, inside and out; in the vagina and in the urethral opening, along the perineum and inside the bladder. The first line of  investigation for Interstitial Cystitis should be hormone levels in menopausal and hysterectomied women. With thinner skin, bowel and other bacteria can travel into nooks and crannies faster. Haemmorhoids and anal skin tabs assist bacteria to thrive as well. So improving the perineal skin tone is most important. Hormone levels can be low in younger women as well.

Allergic reactions

Women are absolutely attacked now with chemicals in all toiletries, the air, atmosphere, foods, drinks  and most of daily life. This can cause histamine to be produced and is a modern aggravant for the immune system. Up the nose, in the bladder, in lungs, stomach, on skin, in air, you name it, the human body will try to reject what’s not good for it by producing Histamines. Anti- histamine treatments include Loratidine for sinus leakage,  Bicarbonate of Soda can help the bladder. Its so important to understand that whatever we take in ends up in kidneys and then the bladder.

Bladder as a receptacle

The bladder is a receptacle, that’s all. It has no other function than to receive and expel liquid wastes from the kidneys. That liquid waste contains poisons like mercury from your teeth fillings, histamine production, antihistamines, drug treatments, poisons of all sorts, allergenic materials, viruses, germs, illnesses, you name it. It won’t like these things too much. But they can’t go anywhere else. So you must ask yourself whether your Interstitial Cystitis could be related to something you regularly eat or drink or take or something you put on yourself like bath foam or liquid soaps or whatever.

Antibiotics forever?

Do you want to take antibiotics forever! Long courses are sometimes beneficial of course but ask yourself why do you need them? Where are these germs coming from? My many readers know that I have True Interstitial Cystitis down as being Mycoureaplasmas of some sort.

Mycoureaplasmas are hard to trap.

Mycoureplasma bacteria are intensely hard to trap. The NHS here in UK has no labs capable of finding this teensie-weensie little predator and a trustworthy lab exists only in London, privately. Testing should be both first-flow of bladder urine and also a vaginal swab and both should be in the lab swiftly. A recent patient of mine had a negative urine result but a positive named Mycoplasma in the vaginal swab, both done on the same day and gone into the same lab at the same time!

Mycoplasma infection is sexually transmitted and COMMON!

Of course the vaginal Myco is going to cause pain and the urethral opening is going to have the discharge dripped into it, both openings abut one another closely! Symptoms will be 24 hours long; they may wax and flare or they may wane and feel more subdued.

Its a sexually transmitted infection, held and harboured up in the female cervix and in the folds of the foreskin or penis. It can also transmit on the toilet seat when a penis tucks in front as a man sits. Its every bit as incapacitating as Ghonorrhea and Syphillis.

Bladder linings become infiltrated.

If you do not discover the cause or causes for a chronic cystitis and it stays with you it would, if prolongued and untreated, infiltrate and weaken bladder mucosal lining. Bladder mucosal linings are highly sensitive; they have to be to tell you when you need to let out accumulating urine. But imagine the lining is infiltrated with something as yet undiscovered or untreated. Nerve endings so close to the surface work all the time instead of being able to subside between toilet visits. A very long period of pain could see these nerve endings being damaged and they may be damaged also by the agent that’s attacking them.

My Offer to Interstitial Cystitis sufferers. Free Counselling to first ten applicants.

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All Books and booklets by Angela Kilmartin

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I am currently wanting to counsel, write up results and  find causes for so-called Interstitial Cystitis patients currently on prolongued antibiotics.  I do not think its good enough to just prescribe for many months the same blanket treatment protocol for all patients. Every patient is likely to have possible distinctive, individual causes and will require a lengthy evaluation of lifestyle, start-up early symptoms, behavioural monitoring, swab-taking and more.

If you are in a chronic, 24 hour painstate, are being prescribed continuous antibiotics and have no idea what’s causing this then I can have another look at the situation for you. If you have been told you have Interstitial Cystitis, get up-to-date strong urine samples done, a vaginal swab done and ask during it what can be seen internally. Any redness, erosions, polyps. Get the results in, read more in my book either from Amazon or my own site and e-mail me for an appointment either in London or Essex.

I am keen to have five or ten such women in for free to see me individually. I don’t examine and I don’t treat, I do make suggestions. Then we can take a fresh look at your problem. I should perhaps add that I have seen many diagnosed IC patients and they don’t actually have IC! What I discover in ‘diagnosed IC patients’ in two hours of counselling, together with my suggestions to remedy the situation has had very high success rates.

Lets see what we see! First ten to apply!

Angela Kilmartin April, 2017