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Soaps, not Gels!

Different continents have different soaps, shower gels. The differences in the chemicals used and dyes and fragrances must vary all over the place.

Transporting bars of soaps from China, say to UK, must cost as much as the products if not more. or vice versa; English soaps and shower/toiletry products are probably too expensive to transport and market in the Far East. I know in shops in America, goods made in UK are available but at double the UK prices. Its quite understandable.

So when a reader asks me what soap I would recommend in the USA I simply do not have an answer in specifics.

I can say, though, that we, as prone to UTI, sufferers must never use–




or gritty-type scrub soaps.

Sufferers and their partners must only use plain white, unscented, non-antiseptic soaps. NO shower gels or scrubs since the levels of additives are far higher and the dyes, fragrances more unsuitable for very sensitive genitalian use.

Probably its safest to say use baby soaps and that does also mean both sexual partners. Remove all gels etc., from the bathroom straightaway. Buy only the baby soaps and position them all over the basins and sinks, showers and tubs so there can be no mistaking that everyone needs to use this and this alone.

There are soaps you must not touch as reports have been in about them for fifty years causing soreness or reactions. These are;

all antiseptic soaps, plus Knight’s Castile, Dove. Imperial Leather.

The safest in UK and anywhere else it can be located is ‘SIMPLE Soap’, but this manufacturer has become a market leader with a large array of products registered under the ‘SIMPLE’ name. If it cannot be found in your country then as I say, go for baby soaps.

Its worth reminding my blog visitors that the vulval area containing the highly sensitive urethral opening and the vaginal opening should never be soaped, these openings are far too sensitive. The area to use the soap and remove greasy Coliforms is on and around the anal opening. It then has to be rinsed off BACKWARDS!! The Bottle washing procedure is in my books, both Candida/Yeast and The Patient’s Encyclopaedia. This cost-free, 30 second washing procedure to remove bacteria is paramount in stopping new bacteria from travelling forwards into the urethra and bladder. It needs doing after passing a stool, after diarrhoea and always before any kind of sexual activity.

Angela Kilmartin