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Teenage cystitis can be common.

Teenage cystitis, like adult cystitis, is also known as UTI’s, urinary tract infection, water infection or bladder infection. Teenage is a time when girls and boys won’t be telling a mother that they are in pain when they go to the toilet.

Mother knows best!

I was 24 when my first attacks began and I never informed my mother at all. I had no idea of the cause of this pain and frequency, I just needed to keep going to the doctor; he was the one dealing with it. I had no idea at all that anything was causing these repeat infections, nor how they happened. The doctor never said anything except telling me there were germs in my urine and I needed a course of antibiotics. My horrible and long story is in my book; I don’t hold back on it!

My mother never having had cystitis anyway would have been of little, if any, help. I recently had a letter from a distraught mother whose 16 yr old was getting cystitis despite never having it in childhood.

Got to be sexual!

Ah well! I had immediate guesses as to the cause and I expect my followers would as well. Sexual causes. The urethral opening is next to the vagina and neither are far from the anus where commonest bacteria in urine is found.

Unless all the sexual reasons for cystitis are absorbed and remedied more attacks will occur to this frightened girl. The middle section of ;

Best advice –

The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis is all about the huge variety of sexually-induced attacks of cystitis. From cold bedrooms to anal sex to dirty foreskins, to students dirty homes and no perineal washing, there are many causes of sexual cystitis. Easy to read, lots of ideas, this book is known as the BIBLE on the subject.

UTI in Teens and young adults

Also on my purchasing page is a six page booklet called; UTI’s in Teens and Young Adults. Its just a brief online e-booklet for those needing an introduction to the causes. Bulleted points make for quick absorption of the self-help and prevention that is the only answer. You might consider getting one in advance for your teenage daughter to discussview-more it. If she doesn’t yet have a UTI history, you may help her not to get one!

Angela Kilmartin. February 2018

200 pages of info.

200 pages of info.