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“My husband has ‘gone elsewhere’ because I am so often out of action with vaginal thrush. Its far too painful and sore to accommodate him and there has been nothing I can do except trip to the pharmacy for yet another non-prescription pessary and capsule. These help temporarily but the infection only returns and I can’t find a reason. Well, that was until I found “Candida: A Practical Handbook for Sufferers”. Angela’s no-nonsense, tell-all and talk-causes approach is just the greatest! I never knew a quarter of what she’s telling me. I have discovered several contributory factors to my recurrence and this includes my husband’s like of chocolate ice creams amongst others. I am now in skirts of all lengths and am far cooler and available, and he just loves this!! Thank you Angela for sharing this with us women and since I live in Tasmania, I really appreciate the e-book version.”