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“I bought you superb UTI e-book two months ago, then I added on the Candida one, and last week I went for “The Mercury Fillings Compilation” since, like so many, I have a mouthful of mercury fillings. For around $85-00 I have begun a new life! How many years, how much suffering and how much extraordinary knowledge you obviously have; far, far more than ever anticipated when I made my initial purchase. Amazing books to read and so well put. It’s all so honest too. I and many others are in your debt. Thank you and God Bless you.”

“I’m writing from Scotland. What I learnt from your e-book was that I should start checking out my heavy metal load in my mouth from dental metals including the Mercury. I have a whole page of conditions and illnesses which have ruined my ability to earn a living for the past five years. From your book, The Mercury Fillings Compilation, I looked in a mirror and counted up the teeth blackened with filling. There were fifteen fillings and three gold caps. I dribble over my pillows, I have a metallic taste in my mouth which is horrible, my tongue is coated badly and I could go on with lots more troubles. In your e-book Compilation I have noted an Edinburgh dentist and I have ticked lots of the symptoms on your symptoms page. Your work could very well be the answer to my prayers and I’ll let you know how I progress. Thank you very much for writing it.”

“My husband has ‘gone elsewhere’ because I am so often out of action with vaginal thrush. Its far too painful and sore to accommodate him and there has been nothing I can do except trip to the pharmacy for yet another non-prescription pessary and capsule. These help temporarily but the infection only returns and I can’t find a reason. Well, that was until I found “Candida: A Practical Handbook for Sufferers”. Angela’s no-nonsense, tell-all and talk-causes approach is just the greatest! I never knew a quarter of what she’s telling me. I have discovered several contributory factors to my recurrence and this includes my husband’s like of chocolate ice creams amongst others. I am now in skirts of all lengths and am far cooler and available, and he just loves this!! Thank you Angela for sharing this with us women and since I live in Tasmania, I really appreciate the e-book version.”

“I have had this on and off for years and thought I knew all about cider vinegar and diets and other stuff, but of course, nothing has been as informative as Angela’s book “Candida: A Practical Handbook for Sufferers”. Only in this book have I got to grips with what actually causes the miserable itching and lethargy. I kind of knew about a link with antibiotics, most do, but I had no idea at all about the links with illnesses and the mercury in our teeth, too. This book ought to be called an enclyclopaedia as well, Angela’s knowledge is just formidable.”