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The importance of bottle washing.

I often get messages from women announcing that they are ‘doing the bottle washing’ but still experience no cessation of attacks. In my long time with this I know very well that such women are absolutely NOT doing the bottle washing properly. One woman arrived for counselling recently. She was an intelligent woman but had not read the simple directions in my book nor carried them out. I also added a lengthy bulleted list of where women go astray in my book “The Patient’s Encyclopaedia“. But no, this woman also hadn’t attended to the bullets nor to the directions. She was:

* leaning back when she started to pour the water from the bottle.
* not soaping the anal opening but mainly the buttocks.
* she was getting ‘skid marks’ and faecal staining on the drying cloth.

So in counselling I put these things right for her; I explained:
* DO NOT lean back on the toilet.
* Sit centrally on the widest part of the seat and think backbone.
* ‘Plop it’ downwards, collapse your stomach so that shoulder come forward and allow your arms to properly reach underneath you and help clear off the soapy liquid as the water runs down your perineum.

Any minute ‘leaning back’ clenches buttocks so that water does not run properly between them. Faecal material stays and causes infection especially during intercourse. Gently hold buttocks apart so that right hand can soap the anal opening thoroughly, its not buttocks that eliminate bacteria is it! Its the anal opening where they come from.

Skid marks on a pale-coloured cloth show without doubt that you have not cleaned properly. Bacteria wash down the toilet during proper bottle-washing, there are none on the drying cloth! Please READ all of my books properly from cover to cover, not skimming a chapter of interest!! One day I’ll be dead and no-one will take my place as the world-wide guru on UTI’s. My DVD shows you how its done and reading my book properly makes UTI’s a thing of the past.