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The Knot!!!!!!!!!!

Before a smart lunch recently in a London Club, my host suggested I wear either a suit or a smart trouser suit. No jeans! Well I have never owned a pair so of course, he had never seen me wear them. In stating this, I added that they are far too dangerous an item of clothing for any woman to wear and since I am into preventing illnesses, why would I do something dangerous to myself let alone other women! So the guests wanted to know why.

Now I am not shy about the work I do nor the illustrative power of my tongue but I do mind my manners when out and carefully select wordage that conveys my required meaning but calms it down a bit. So I described the knot where for women three jean seams meet and where that knot then lodges. Oh yes, Hiccoughs of suppressed laughter throughout the champagne as we all struggled to get some control back in that august club room.

Seriously, when a woman sits on the dread knot it depresses into the vulva with its two highly sensitive openings. It restricts ordinary blood flow so, upon standing, blood rushes back into the space and may throb somewhat or get heated, and itch. The knot, and the jeans themselves, prevent cool air and dryness from keeping the vulva healthy. DO NOT WEAR them! Buy skirts or dresses, keep warm with extra layers on your torso but leave the vulval area with only one pair of cotton undies. Tights with a cotton gusset or no gusset will be fine in wintry conditions.

If you get lots of thrush, read my book ‘Candida/Yeast’ for 200 pages of causes, but a very quick way to ease the itch is to get out of those jeans and do a cool water Bottle Wash. You will truly be amazed at how quickly you start to cool down.

Angela Kilmartin