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The trouble with the weather!

The trouble with the weather is that it helps create illness. The weather can cause  Thrush, Candida, Cystitis and all sorts of infections. The weather can cause influenza, urinary infections, dehydration, sinus troubles, lung problems and so much more. Cold weather carries lots of difficulties, keep warm and hydrated, steer clear of crowds and snifflers!

Why am I dealing with all these on a urinary infections blog?

Its just a receptacle!

The bladder is a receptacle, just a receptacle. It receives toxins, bacteria, germs, water, infections and a lot more. They sit there in urine waiting to be passed out next time you visit the toilet. But, first all these bacteria have been in your blood stream, stomach, kidneys, muscles making you feel ill. Influenza makes you feel ill, kidney infections the same and sinus troubles.

All these illnesses cause the bladder to receive the end products.

Weather conditions influence body reactions

Weather can dehydrate you, make you sweat, even in hot trains when your clothing overheats you. Many infections cause a rise in temperatures which dehydrate you, so keep a good liquid intake. Cold weather can dehydrate you as kidneys excrete more liquids then so the bladder dries out. Angela Paul honeymoon tunisia 1966

Drinking enough

Drinking enough means being able to listen to your body’s messages. Drink water when the weather is hot, drink water when the weather is cold. Drink water when you have sinus and lung infections or kidney infections; drink it regularly not just in one large amount. Keep liquid flowing through and then pass it regularly.

Being ill with influenza, a cold, sinus or lung infections can mean you want lots of liquid, no alcohol, just water and hot drinks. Winter weather can really take a toll.


Clothing, correct clothing which helps maintain your normal body temperature, is an essential element, of course. Bare flesh, common nowadays amongst young people, is wrong. Illnesses will follow, Keep warm in cold weather, keep cool in hot.

Angela Kilmartin February 2018.

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