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Thrush for years!

I’ve had Thrush for years and I cannot get rid of it. Its blighting my sex life as I’m always so sore. Can you help please?

You and thousands of others, too! Unless the cause or causes  are discovered and dealt with, the misery and soreness will be always there. Of course, there are manifold causes and these are clearly shown in my book, ‘Candida/Yeast’ available as an e-book from Atlas books on my website or as a hard back mailed book from them in USA or from Central Books in UK.

In this wonderful book you will find causes ranging over transmitted thrush from sexual partners, mercury depressing the immune system from your teeth fillings, a course of antibiotics, the wearing of tight underwear, the wearing of jeans and any sort of trousers or tights, the eating and enjoyment of lots of cheese, the same for sugary drinks/alcohol/fruit juices/ vinegars, Diabetes, going on the Pill, death illnesses where the body become too weak to fight off invasive fungal infections, hot weather, and dozens more ideas.

The idea is not to keep having medical or pharmaceutical treatments but to take matters into your own hands and sort your cause/s with the help of my book. Nothing else, no treatments, no doctor’s visits will ever get rid of it properly but you can, yourself. Read up

Angela Kilmartin