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Tights – its winter and I’ll bet you’ve got a pair on!

Candida and vaginal thrush love warmth and moisture. Just look around at the rotting, mouldy twigs blown about in wintry winds. They quickly cover with green fungi and proliferate, rotting down the wood. Candida is of the fungus family.

If you get a sore bottom and itchy vagina around this time of the year you need to take steps to reduce the symptoms by watching how you are treating your body. If symptoms are nasty, you will need to leave off tights, instead get into warm woollen hold-ups or long socks, under a long slip and a long skirt made of wool or heavy material.

What you need is to wear warm clothing on the rest of you but leave just the one pair of heavy cotton undies to allow some better air circulation between your legs. This must also include the firm no-trousers-rule, hard to do in winter but there it is. Hot soaky baths increase labial swelling, whilst they are very tempting, if you’re a regular thrush sufferer you should know not to have a hot bath. It increases Candida and vaginal Thrush to absolute misery levels.

My book Candida / Yeast: A Practical Handbook for Sufferers is packed with causes of this misery. Once you understand and identify your causes, you can of course remove or reduce them, so you get back to being comfortable again.