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Too many antibiotics?

Too many antibiotics? Until you know your cause or causes of recurrent cystitis /UTI’s you will keep needing repeat antibiotics. Bladder infection cannot be fully flushed out either with my Three Hour management process or just drinking a lot of water. Can’t be done.


Prevention, as in  my book The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis becomes utterly vital. Also vital is correct microscopy to name the bacterium responsible. Without this only  broad spectrum antibiotics will be prescribed. This means that almost any bacteria can be hit.


It doesn’t always work with broad spectrum since the bacterium might already be ‘resistant’ to it. Microscopy will tell you which other antibiotic that is sensitive to that specific bacterium will work.

Taking the sample properly is all down to the patient and most don’t know how.


1 With a wet cotton wool ball and starting from the front, wipe around the urethral and vaginal opening. Use another ball and wet it to repeat the process. Pubic hair should be short. Germs hang on to it if its long.

Stop drinking a good three hours before taking the sample.

urine sampling

2 Pass strong urine, either first flow or middle flow. I think the first is best, into a pre-sterilized Pyrex jug. You can sit on the toilet to do this or stand with the jug between your legs.

3 A small amount is fine so pass the rest into the toilet.

4 Into a sterile urine jar obtainable any pharmacy, pour some urine.

5 Seal well and write details onto the label.

6 Get it into the fridge or straight into surgery. Check what time the collection van gets to your surgery and make sure the sample is there in time for the van.

I consider first flow is stronger and can contain more germs since urine has sat lower down for longer. It is darker and has a better chance of allowing the lab to name a technical infection. Correct, sensitive antibiotics can then be prescribed.

urine sampling coliform

Insignificant bacteria, none found, negative, are all dealt with in detail in my book. Read up. Insignificant isn’t insignificant to you! Many results are swayed wrongly by being left on a shelf, in a van, overnight or whatever else because you haven’t made a good time judgement. Then incorrect antibiotics might be administered.


Read up about the bacteria types in my book and where they come from. E.coli, as above pictured, is commonest but there are several others, mostly bowel bacteria. Mycoureaplasma is not bowel; it is a sexually transmitted very nasty one-cell organism responsible for most I.C cases. Antibiotics, heavy course are necessary.

Mycoureaplasma of  several variants is held in foreskin and semen and vaginal fluids. It ping pongs and causes years of hell. Only one lab in UK tests correctly for it. Its in London and is a private lab.

One antibiotic in a heavy dose can allow others to grow strongly since the natural balancing competitiveness is overcome. Another type may have to be taken to counteract. Then Candida will come in as well requiring pessaries or even oral tablets. Its all a great nightmare.


Angela Kilmartin. October 2017