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Up at last!

In March I commissioned a new website; plainer, more easily navigable and with immediate access to the shopping basket on Atlas Books pages  for books, booklets and DVD in USA format. Central Books in UK handles hardcover either by phoning straight through or e-mail. Both the books and the booklets are available as e-books and e-booklets and are in four languages altogether- English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian. It has cost a lot to present my work to millions of women in terms of costly websites, translations, domains, and much more. No-one else has helped me fund all this, no grants have been asked for or given and so I am beholden to no commercial company and can say what I like. Its all pure truth and pure ideas from the one source, me.

Its early September and the new site is only just up this week!

But it maintains my favoured colours,has clips from the wonderful DVD,  teaches prevention in all three of my subjects;  UTI’s (Cystitis), Candida (Thrush) and mercury poisoning from teeth fillings. All three of them apply in most households and most age groups. These conditions with many symptoms can all wreck life quality and all can be prevented.

People need to understand something quite simple. An illness or condition starts up with a reason. You have to find that reason and then remove it or divert it or manage it. This is then called prevention. Swallowing pills all the time is not prevention it is MISmanagement, costly in suffering, time and money.

I teach prevention; my books are packed page to page with ideas, tips, routines and much science as well when there’s a real need to know.

If you would like to tell me what you think of the new site please do.