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USA Counselling offered

I shall be in Boston, Mass. from June 29th thru July 4th doing radio/TV and counselling.
If you have had one of my relevant books for at least one month, practiced the main ideas and would still like to discuss some aspect of your own case, then please e-mail me for an appointment.
I shall be staying in a mid-town hotel, easy to get to.
I do charge at $75-00 per hour and its usually a two hour session just the once. There is no examination or prescription, of course, but you leave with a list of personalised suggestions to turn the suffering around into a prevention routine.
I shall want brought with you photocopies from your doctor of a couple of most recent urine test results and a vaginal swab result. In UK patients say to the doctor that Angela is the world’s self help expert and you are going to double – check lifestyle with her but she does need to know sample results.
On all my USA trips patients come to visit and its always very helpful, hopeful and eye-opening. I always learn too because individual people live their lives in invidual patterns.
UTI’s, Candida, teeth fillings are all on the menu so take advantage of my trip after reading my work first. You do have to be on my wave-length.