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Wedding Present

For years I have sent a copy of one of my books on Cystitis / Urinary Tract Infections / Bladder Infection to any prospective royal bride. In this, The Times once wrote of one of my books to Princess Anne as the most unusual royal wedding present ever, yet all women have a need to know.

I didn’t send The Patient’s Encyclopaedia to this latest royal bride since she appears to have been happy in her living arrangements with Prince William for many years and I think we would all have heard whispers by now if there were any health problems. That doesn’t mean to say that Cystitis might not occur in years to come. Major worry times are pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, old age and then holiday times. There are hundreds more causes in this great book.

One such woman on my books currently is someone clearly injured in childbirth from episiotomy, catheterisation, then urethral dilation and whatever else happened in the birthing and aftercare on that day. Such injuries may need additional surgery to check for skin flaps not properly sewn up, internal vaginal or urethral tears that harbour bacteria and create chronic pain, bowel and pelvic bone injuries, or bruising can also be very miserable for a long time.

All women need my book in every country; translations on all my 3 subjects are about to come up too.

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