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What’s in digestive / faecal wind?

What’s in digestive/faecal wind? Does passing wind make the Bottle Wash useless? Excellent question  from a girl being entirely thoughtful about her bowel activity in relation to sexual cystitis episodes.

In ‘The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis’ I do reason that bacteria from the bowels can be wind-borne as well as exiting in liquid form.

Bacterial groups in the bowels

The main cause of UTI’s are bowel bacteria. No question about this. There are six groups as well as their sub-groups. Klebsiella, Coliforms, Streptoccoci, Staphylococci, Proteus, Pseudomonas. All live in the bowels and provide break-down-help on larger foods. Some have ‘paddle-type oars’ to help move around inside; some move in slimy clusters. This means that all types need a moist or liquid environment to assist movement. urine sampling coliform

How do bowel bacteria get out?

After a stool is passed whether it be diarrhoea or solid, these faecal bacteria exit your body and linger in the folds of the anal opening. This acts like a harbour and is worsened with haemorrhoids or skin tabs.

Passing faecal wind also ejects them, with force, so that these bacteria blow onto skin and clothing. Men are also big carriers on clothing because they don’t use sufficient toilet paper for copious faecal residues. Check their underwear and pale coloured towels. (Only ever purchase pale colours!)

Bottle Washing before sex

Until you do this, and properly, intercourse on a bacterially-laden vulval area can push those bacteria inside you. The vulval area comprises the urethral opening to the bladder and also the vagina leading to your cervix and uterus. Never ever have anal sex.

These bowel bacteria, having travelled forwards in moisture towards the vulva, set up home just inside both openings. They progress further in as intercourse continues enabling a urinary tract infection and a vaginal infection. It can take 12-50 hours before stinging alerts you to the start of an infection.

How to stop it

The only way to stop this from happening is to Bottle Wash before sex. As soon as you undress, that’s the time to wash. It takes 30 seconds to avoid abject misery, antibiotics, screaming pain, loss of work and no more sex for two weeks! Is it worth it? Oh yes! Most definitely. ( Put him in a nightly running shower, too!)

So my answer to the query, Does passing faecal wind make the Bottle wash useless?-is to say that washing as you undress is the safest time to do it. Every night, and then you’re done whether or not intercourse does happen. Faecal bacteria exit 24/7 and never stop.

200 pages of info.

200 pages of info.

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Angela Kilmartin April 2018