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What’s in those floodwaters?

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What’s in those floodwaters down in Texas and Louisiana? Everybody’s effluence that’s what. The drains expel it since they’re flooded too, the animals expel it all the time, the humans have to keep going, the sewage works overflow and send stuff out onto the surrounding area. Its all not nice and its very dangerous.


Bad water here too, I’m afraid to say. Pipework underground can break apart with earth movements and cause contamination of all domestic water. Body-wise you also become contaminated. If your home is flooded you won’t have a water-boiling facility and there won’t be any electricity or gas unless you are on higher ground. You basically have to move yourself. Absolutely terrible situation to be in. My heart goes out to those in such distress.

In Lagos, Nigeria where I had to  live for three years the house water was permanently contaminated. Each morning water was filtered first then boiled for 20 minutes. After cooling it went in about twenty glass drinks bottles for use all day. From washing fruit, lettuces and veg I soon came to use it in the bathroom and had my own two bottles by the toilet. No more cystitis in Lagos or anywhere else. Thank you God.

Bottle washing

Circumstances forced me to research efficient perineal washing. This is the mainstay of my work and the mainstay of preventing UTI’s/cystitis / water infections / bladder infections and has been all these long years. In western nations, the sanitation is good and hot water from the tap/faucet is best. Don’t trust it elsewhere.

Since 1976 the simple Bottle Washing process in my books has made millions well and myself of course, too. Its on my DVD The Cystitis Solution and described in detail in The Patient’s Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis. You must follow the directions that I give and not invent your own version of it. I’ve chosen the words very carefully. Read about possible mistakes that patients have made and don’t do them yourself. Do as I do and do as I say!

200 pages of info.

200 pages of info.


What’s so Important about the Bottle Washing?

Its stops new germs from getting into your bladder. If, for instance, you are already colonised from many attacks then you mustn’t add another mob of troublemakers. Keep coliform at bay. At the proscribed times in your day, wash your hands and wash your perineum, the area between legs. At night clean teeth and clean the perineum. I call it ‘top n’ tail. Then you are automatically ready for any sex. Man under a full running shower every night, the bottle washing process  for men is difficult because the penis is blocking the water flow. The photo is of an antique Arab vessel used for washing genitalia and then my modern version doing the identical job. Change the bottle every six weeks or so as airborne bacteria build up.

mizrabiyyat3 When to do it.

It varies woman to woman depending upon lifestyle and diary dates BUT certainly after every bowel movement of any sort, always before sex. It’s good at night-time, good after swimming. Its good for minimising vaginal thrush too. There’s a little after-sex clean-out version as well to reduce inflammation and bruising. Once you start you never want to stop because it makes you feel cooler and cleaner whatever your age.

I would rather leave my passport behind than my 500 ml plastic bottle!!I love it. Its the first thing I pack to go away anywhere for any time. It keeps me well and free from pain and misery.

 Angela Kilmartin, August 2017